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4Cats Australia 🏖️ 🇦🇺 🐚 🐨 🕶️ ☀️

A question I get quite a bit is why do we have studios in Australia? 🏖️ 🇦🇺 🐚 🐨 🕶️ ☀️
Well, two big reasons.


When I was 9 years old my family moved to Australia and grew up there for the next 7 years. I love the Australian people, my friends, the weather, the bbq’s, the beaches, the food, running in Noosa trails, watching the surfers.
I pretty much consider myself 49.9% Australian!  


As the fates would have it, in 2009 I met Patricia Bevis. An Australian on a traveling adventure pretty much across the world. Pat answered our craigslist ad looking for a Nanny to our three very wild homeschooled boys. Well, as they say, the rest is history. Soon after we met Pat’s wonderful, then boyfriend, Luke Mckelvey. 

Photo: Pat and I on a beautiful Australian Beach!

This week we interviewed Pat and Luke about how they became involved in 4Cats and what the future holds for 4Cats Australia!😁

4Cats Austrailia


Artist 🖌️, motivator, soon to be mum, dreamer, traveller/explorer, compulsive cleaner, organiser and list maker.


Artist 🖌️, carpenter, soon to be dad, dreamer, traveller/explorer, compulsive exerciser, numbers man and builder.


Pat: 4Cats has a magical ability to show you and prove to you what you’re capable of. Which is generally more than you ever thought possible. This is true for families coming in to the studio to create, whether it be for the first time or the fiftieth and artists joining our ever-growing team of dreamers. We’re constantly changing and growing for the better. There is never a dull moment inside the studio.

Luke: I often feel that this job was meant for me. Like fate had prepared me for this. I love meeting new people and hearing all their stories. I love fun, and everyday in the studio is fun. This way, I never have to grow up and can achieve my mission to live the Peter Pan lifestyle. It’s so rewarding to see people enjoy their own creativity and being proud of their creation. I love to watch their own individual personality, emotions and feelings come out when creating. It still amazes me every single time. Each project that goes home is different. We celebrate difference here.


Pat: There are a few!:

  • Back when we lived in Canada, we were lucky enough to train brand new franchisees before they set off on their own journey to open their new studio somewhere in North America.
  • Being lucky enough to visit all the beautiful studios, in North America and seeing the joy and happiness on families faces as they raced in for their classes or parties.
  • Researching, arranging and organising the beginning of 4Cats Australia. The day we opened the doors was a game changer for sure.
  • Racing around North America with the Simons, building, renovating and creating.

Luke: Pat has already covered so many, but for me it is every time you hear someone yell “this is the best party ever!” It never gets old. I genuinely LOVE hearing that.


Patricia: Leaving Australia 🇦🇺 on a plane ✈️ back in 2008 for a 12 months round the world trip 🌎 and finally returning home 5 years later after exploring the United States 🇺🇸, Canada 🇨🇦, the UK 🇬🇧 and Europe 🇪🇺, living in England 🇬🇧 and Canada 🇨🇦, and being lucky enough to return home 🏡 with a career, a new business and a fiance.

  • The day I met Mr. McKelvey. I knew straight away that he would change my life, for the better.
  • Planning the wedding and then ultimately marrying Luke.
  • Finding out we were lucky enough to become parents.
  • Meeting the Simon family for the first time. It was like walking into my future. I didn’t know it at the time, but it would be the best thing I ever did.

Luke: Meeting Pat and realizing I’d found the person I wanna share everything with was pretty awesome. Since we’ve met, we’ve traveled, started a business together, lived in loads of awesome places, got married and now we’re having a baby! Before Pat, I did some traveling all over the world. I feel super lucky to have visited so many different countries and to have met new people all around the world. Always looking forward to the next memorable life moment.


Pat: Planning adventures. Whether they be day trips, morning walks or a full-blown holiday. I LOVE seeing new places, new things and new people. I also love going back to explore areas I’ve already been, just to make sure they were real and not a dream.

  • Yoga and hiking
  • Cleaning and organizing
  • Writing
  • The beach. Any beach
  • Comedy. Of any kind. I love to laugh. 

Luke: Travelling/exploring, the beach, photography, woodwork, exercise, movies and music.


Pat: Enthusiasm, humour and positivity. I will look for the silver lining in everything.

Luke: Energy! Talking! My wife calls me the chihuahua. I’m always running around and I never stop yapping.


Pat: Travel, writing, reading, movies, history (especially pop culture), learning, business, growing.

Luke: The world. I will do everything I can to see it all! Motorbikes, cars and burgers. Exercising so I can eat more burgers.



  • A 4Cats in every city in Australia, New Zealand and eventually the world!
  • The ability to go somewhere new, once a year. The big travel dreams are Africa and South America.
  • A home base near the ocean. With a view of water. It doesn’t have to be a big home, but with room for everyone to visit
  • A yellow Volkswagen combi van


  • Ditto to Pat’s, we have the same dreams, but I’ll add a couple:
  • An old classic car that I’m constantly building
  • A woodworking shed of my own, all to myself


Pat: Growing 4Cats Australia and growing a human.

Luke: Renovating the Lindfield studio, planning Australian studio number two, keeping Pat sane while she grows our human

Look here for the 4Cats Lindfield Schedules.