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I am sure you have heard by now all about the cool application for your phone that allows you to compare your selfie to famous works of art? The “Google Arts & Culture” app? I was so eager to check it out myself and test its selfie feature! I spread the word, and managed to also get some girls to it out! 

Google apparently thinks I’m a child… But it was so accurate for Kathleen & Kennedy!

But as I was looking through the app to figure out where to get my selfie compared, I discovered why this would become one of my new favourite thing on my phone! đŸ˜

This is my favourite app because it has so much data and information! You can look up famous artwork, discover art currents, tons of art information and visit museums and monuments. This is the best feature in the world!

I’ve visited quite my fair share of museums, but mostly in North America. I’ve also visited a couple of museums in and around Paris, but I’ve always wanted to visit them ALL! And even Le Louvre, in Paris, it felt like I needed way more than the three days I spent in there. The application allows you to do that! And, bonus, you get to view the museums without any visitors in your way, or having to manage a crowd, from the comfort of your home.❀

After many exploration and late night museum adventuring (from my phone, obviously), I’ve come to have a list of the museums I want to visit (or revisit!), in real life!

All the ones that have made my list have various pieces. They come from all over the world, have things from paintings to sculpture to sketches and more, and a variety of art movements! It’s so exciting to see things from all over the world, and be inspired from artists of all periods and time! 

Here are my favourites for you all:

Le Louvre—Paris, France

I mean, obviously this had to make the list, right? The biggest museum in the world, holding so many classic paintings, and the very famous La Joconde, from Da Vinci, or La VĂ©nus De Milo  of Alexandros of Antioch. 

The Hermitage—St. Petersburg, Russia

The architecture of this museum is so beautiful, it looks like a castle! It is also the second largest museum in the world, after Le Louvre! It is basically comprised of 6 different buildings, and it is gorgeous. You can find works by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Rembrandt and so many more. But I think the museum itself is a piece of art!

Uffizi Gallery— Florence, Italy

Visiting Italy is a dream of mine. Plus, this country has been an inspiration and the home of so many artists! You can see the famous Birth of Venus by Botticelli and a lot of work by classical Italian artists, and works from the Renaissance! 

Rijksmuseum—Amsterdam, Netherlands

I’m pretty sure I can’t pronounce that museum’s name properly, but it’s one that I discovered because of the app! I had seen it’s front entrance multiple time, because right in front of it is the famous “I Amsterdam” sign that so many of my friends have taken pictures with. But that beautiful museum is also home to its own share of classics! You can see Vermeer’s Milkmaid, and a Van Gogh self portrait!

The Museum of Modern Art—New York, U.S.A.

Another classic museum, but with much more modern work! A lot of our 4Cats favourites’ pieces are presented at the MoMA. From Warhol to Dali to Kahlo and passing by Lichtenstein, there are so many pieces to discover, explore, admire and be inspired by! Plus, this one is closer to home, so much easier to visit. 

In conclusion, if you know anyone with free plane tickets, or that wants a really cool travel buddy to go check out these beautiful places, let me know! đŸ˜‰

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