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The magic of winter

Beautiful photos of the new stoneware clay winter trees...

Love is all you need.

– John Lennon

Just some really beautiful photos Carol took of the new stoneware winter trees we are making in our kids art classes this winter session. To me, these photos are just so calm, peaceful and lovely.

Soon our house will be bustling with 6 kids (Sammy J, Jetty Spaghetti, Little Bee, Cashy, Texas, & Ruby Tuesday), my parents, Big Ol’Dee and lots of friends and family. These photos remind me to appreciate the winter and the times we can all get together.

Tomorrow we will be in Victoria making these wonderful lil’ trees with the curators. It has been a while since we have taken out the wheels in class so we are all looking forward to starting to throw again. Add some Starbucks and cookies in the mix, and it sounds like the perfect day!

Happy Creating!


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