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Top 3 Québec City Winter Carnival things to do!

Bonjour mes amis! 

Have you been to Bonhomme Carnaval in Quebec city before? The Carnaval celebrates all things winter. Beautiful Quebec City is one of my fav places in the world.


This year, the festival is starting on February 7 and going until February 16.

There are SO many things to do at the Carnaval, but here is our quick top 3:

  1. Snow sculptures at Place George V—It is a yearly snow sculpting competitions, artists from everywhere work on their creations for days! It is always beautiful, impressive and breathtaking!
  2. Bonhomme’s world—You can see Bonhomme’s ice palace, but more importantly, there are tons of games, and activities.
  3. The night parade—A great occasion to see Bonhomme and an ice display of art, lights and new and different things parading across the beautiful city.

For more details on the Carnival’s schedule and happenings, check out their website here: carnaval.qc.ca

Pics from www.quebecregion.com


But I what I loved most about the Carnaval was where it was taking place. Quebec City is a gorgeous place, there are so many things to adore! The best things are the architecture and all the ART! Let me share with you the coups de coeur of our little (not so little…) family! 


We live in British Columbia so this was extremely cold for us but we got our selves some proper coats and boots and had a blast! Our kids LOVED that there was SNOW!!!

If your kids are like mine and like to pretend to sleep in the snow, they’ll have a blast


from www.quebecregion.com

Wow! The Château Frontenac is the most spectacular hotel we’ve ever stayed in. It was built to look like a French castle, and the luxury and beauty of it definitely reminded us of that!

The hotel has dog mascots living there! When we were there we met Santol! We are HUGE pet lovers and Santol left a lasting impression on us all!

We were so enamored with Santol that we now have our own 2 Bernese mountain dogs—King and Queen. They now have another dog living at the hotel—Daphnée, another beauty.

You can meet Santol in the video below, but be warned—you may suddenly want a Bernese Mountain dog too.

Here is a photo of King, just because he is so beautiful and lovely and kind and gentle and… you get the picture, he is a good dog and we love him.


We loved the Grande Allée for it’s beautiful architecture and tons of restaurants! It was so nice to walk along the street and decide as a family where to grab a bite. We discovered that Winter and playing in the snow definitely makes us hungry!

from www.quebecregion.com

We also loved the Côte de la Fabrique because there were so many little boutiques and artisan shops to check out. From glass blowing to painting to sculptures, you could find tons of nice and creative things! And, it is one of the oldest street in Quebec city!

from www.ville.quebec.qc.ca

The Terrasse Dufferin stole our hearts in the end, it was right next to our hotel (the castle!) and you had a beautiful view of everything—the river, the other side, the old city, everything! 

 from www.quebecregion.com

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Let us know what your favourite part of Quebec city is, and what we should make sure to check out next time we go!

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