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Wheel-y fun! :)

The curators are preparing for the Kids 10 week winter session coming up in January! Two of the many choices students can choose to make include beautiful clay wheel trees or cookie wheel plates or both!

Great day at the 4Cats Arts Studio Uptown in Victoria yesterday! It has been a while since we’ve taken out the wheels in class so we were looking forward to starting to throw again. We invited our friendly neighbours at the 4Cats Oak Bay studio to join us and we all had a great time playing in the mud! Lots of pics of people looking down concentrating but hey, that is what you do on the clay wheel. 🙂 Trust me, fun was had by all and we are wheel-y super excited for the winter classes to begin!

Happy creating!


Side note~ If you happen to be in the Victoria, BC area and your kids are free on Jan 4th here’s your chance to enter your child to win a free clay wheel workshop at 4Cats Oak Bay!

Colourful Kelly & Sam Cat from 4Cats Uptown!
Our work!

PS: Found this lil’ guy from the Make the Gift class. So beautiful it is heartbreaking (if that even makes sense) Someone is truly getting a gift to cherish.

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  • Absolutely lovely everone looks like they are having a great time. Stress free environment exactly what people need. Keep up the great work.

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