On The Road

4Cats Burnaby! Let’s get ready for Winter Classes!

Up and at ’em at 4:30 am! My nephew Bee (Branden – from 4Cats Oak Bay), my sons Jet (4Cats Burnaby) and Cash (4Cats Helper), and myself are all catching the 6:15 am ferry to Vancouver.

Today Jet is going to work at the Vancouver Christmas Market. We have a booth there and sponsor the little craft huts. I just love being there and hearing about how many people have been to one of our studios before and how much they love 4Cats!

Salt Spring High School Musical!

Everyone was on Salt Spring Island last night for my son Tex’s High School musical (haha) show – which was so awesome! We were amazed by what a fabulous job these teachers really do, coordinating so many kids and keeping us all entertained for 2 hours!

Jet are you awake? Yes. Jet loves when his students from 4Cats Burnaby visit!
Cash Simon: Future pro-skateboarder.

Cash is going to the indoor skatepark at West 49th and meeting us later 🙂 He is very passionate about his skateboarding which of course we encourage! After that, he is helping Jet at the Christmas Market!

Bee is working with myself, 4Cats Planner Kyleigh and Studio Guru Sonia getting the Burnaby studio ready for Winter Session!

We are splitting the studio into 2 separate rooms – 1 for painting, drawing, and other related mediums and the other for clay and sculpture. This way, the instructors will be able to talk about artists and the projects without talking over each other 🙂

Kathleen (who has pretty much had a million jobs at 4Cats over the last 6 years, Curator, Studio Leader, Trainer, Studio Setter Upper, Vancouver Christmas Show Helper, Film-er, Photographer, Editor, Order unpacker in 3 feet of snow, all-round 4Cats Cheerleader (the list goes on…) created some awesome slideshows about the projects and artists too!

During the summer camps, the students LOVED the artist videos! We continued to throw in the artist info conversation into the fall projects and the kids loved it! SO this winter session we are kicking it up a notch, again!

Anyway, back on track … Burnaby today.

2 days later…

Here are the pics!

I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of the Winter houses workshop that came in, literally as we were assembling a new table – the last thing on our list!

Two amazing sculptural artists working in the medium of oven-bake clay and GLITTER!!!!
Meanwhile, at the Vancouver Christmas market, Jet and Cash!

Bee is happy, no, very, VERY happy, with our new Winter session set up at 4Cats Burnaby! 🙂

Happy Creating!


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