In The Studio

Port Credit Renovation!

Me (Queen Kathleen) and Andrea!

This blog post is coming to you straight from the beautiful shores of Lake Ontario at 4Cats Port Credit! We have spent the last few weeks cleaning, painting, building and decorating our Port Credit location! The studio looks sooooo good!

If we are meeting for the first time, my name is Kathleen but you may know me around 4Cats as Queen Kathleen! I am here getting to know all the 4Cats Port Credit families and the neighbourhood. Everyone is so kind and friendly! But mostly, I have absolutely LOVED seeing and hearing people’s reactions to the new look!

Over the last week I have also been waiting (patiently…) for our posters to arrive in the mail! And guess what! They did! Thank you Canada Post! Can you tell how happy I am from the video below? 🙂

Now, we are all ready for winter session which starts January 11th. For the first time we are introducing our awesome exploratory classes in Port Credit!

Awesome things about the exploratory classes:

  • 1.5 hour classes
  • students choose between 2 projects
  • Amazing projects! No extra stretching fees, we are working on pre-stretched canvas!
  • We incorporate fun, age appropriate art appreciation and art history into each project. We use professional art materials and tools, our lessons focus on technique as well as introducing art terminology.

Our classes will start off with your art instructors presenting 2 projects for students to choose between. Students will continue to work on this chosen project for the next few of classes (now 1.5 hrs long!) After projects are complete, they will have the opportunity to choose between 2 new projects.

This Winter we will be introducing students to high fire stoneware clay, brush and dip glazes, clay wheel, drawing with pencil and marker, blending and shading techniques, brush painting on 17Ă—34 canvas and mixed media on 14Ă—18 canvas.

Anyhoo, we are all now officially on holidays until January 2nd when we reopen for winter camps!

We are all so proud of the hard work that went into sprucing up and renovating the Port Credit Studio! Here are some pics below!

See you next year!

Queen Kathleen

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