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Happy New Year – Just so

Happy New Year everyone! We are just so excited for the upcoming year! After 15 years running art studios we feel like we are really the best we have ever been.

I can remember when we first started 4Cats telling people we were opening an art school for kids using professional supplies and hearing, “Do you think anyone will come?” Gulp.

Well, thank goodness they did and they do. We are just so lucky to spend our days working in the arts with your amazing children.

We have been planning so many awesome and fun things for our students – lots of new projects, open houses, events… the list goes on. If we can dream it, we can do it!

I am just so grateful for the wonderful artists who work with us everyday to make 4Cats better and who are fully committed to the joy of being part of a child’s educational and cultural learning. So in the word’s of Neil Gaiman, one of the finest writers and an artist who greatly inspires us:

Happy Creating!


PS: Neil Gaiman even tweeted about us once! It’s the little things that keep us going, right? 🙂

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