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Winter Exploratory Class Perks!

Winter session is just about to begin and we are all just so excited to see all our wonderful students again! I look forward to hearing about what they did over winter break, how school is going but mostly, I look forward to showing them all the new awesome projects we have coming up!

We get to hear all their questions, their stories, and amazing facts.

Last term, Cohen told me the large clay fox vase he made was for his mom to use as a teacup, Sienna told me she was getting me a magician for my birthday because I love mixing colours which is like magic, Connor asking me for more and more and more stories about artist Leonardo da Vinci, and Grant showing us his incredible magnetic fingers trick! Every day there are more stories and awesome things the 4Cats Kids have to say!

We love our 4Cats families and this semester we are introducing lots of exploratory class perks as a way of saying thank you to all the amazing families who continue to sign up from session to session. We are forever grateful that we get to spend our days working in the arts with your amazing children!

Today we have announced a Bring a Friend Workshop especially for students in our winter exploratory classes.

Students will love to share their studio with their friends and be proud to show them around and see all the great art they create. Exciting!

Happy Creating!


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