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Spring session project sneak peek!

We are just soooo excited to share these wonderful cat and dogs sculptures we are making this spring! As a huge, huge animal lover, I will be displaying these throughout my house when my kids make these sculptures this spring session!

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Did you know Andy Warhol had 25 Cats all named Sam and 2 dachshund dogs?

This spring, the season when it starts raining cats and dogs, students can choose to create some beautiful large Warhol inspired Cat or Dog sculptures.

This project puts a focus on multiple mediums and skill building. Instrucors will introduce new clay techniques and carving tools, with sgraffito, etching, wire-cutting, relief carving, and more! Working with larger pieces of stoneware clay is also an opportunity we know students will love.

Before students start building with clay, they will take their time learning to draw and design their large scale sculpture, starting with a foundation of drawing skills including types of pencils, shading techniques, and more!

Having projects like this that include two different mediums, such as drawing and clay, really helps students increase focus and motivation. It also allows students to change their minds, and follow their interests from week to week while setting and achieving their personal goals!

This is the perfect project for students who are excited to make their drawings come to life in the shape of a beautiful and useful large scale sculpture!

And in addition: great news! Every class will now conclude with a gallery show of the incredible art that students created that day. We love having parents come into the studio after the class and our students are so excited to show off their new skills and projects! This time is also a great opportunity for asking questions of students and teachers alike, and learning together about the wonderful process of art here in our studio. 

Ok, well have a great day everyone! 🙂 We are off to glaze our cat and dog sculptures now… 

Happy Creating!



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