Day 10: Meet Andréa and her 10 LUSH favourites 😍

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Hello everyone! My name is Andréa, I'm one of the 4Cats team members, I work behind the scene to bring you guys cool stuff, and fun studios to create in! I live mostly in Montréal, but I travel a lot between our Home Office in Vancouver and my home 🏠 in Québec. You can find more about me at the bottom of this post.

I was talking with Joey about how it's been so cold up here in Montréal, and all I want to do is take warm baths and drink hot chocolate. I made a trip to the Lush store this weekend to stock up on some essentials (and found maybe a couple more 😍)! As we were talking about the different things I bought, we figured we should do a list of our must-haves, and I placed an order for Joey to try them all herself as well! 

So you can find my must-haves, my loves and some new things I've discovered during my visit—and why I can't live without these things.

Disclaimer: You'll notice I love all things smelling like honey 🍯, mint & lavender... Don't be surprised if you see this in my haul. 😉

Here we go...



4Cats Lush shower essentials 

First of all, let's start with the things I NEED to have in the shower!


1. Ocean Salt—The cold always leaves my skin super dry, so I use this face & body scrub to feel like new. So I use this in the shower first thing first—it feels super refreshing and nice.

2. Rehab—For my hair I always use this shampoo! It's super minty, has tons of great oils and ingredients, and leaves my hair beautiful! On top of that, everyone in the house loves it. That's a win in my books. 

3. American Cream Conditioner—To keep my hair hydrated and looking good, this is my go-to conditioner. A little goes a long way in keeping my hair frizz free and silky smooth. Yay! 

4. Honey I washed the kids —Then, my favourite soap of all time is Honey I washed the kids. It smells DELICIOUS, and you just want to take a bite of it! But don't, please please please don't, soap DOES NOT taste good. 



4Cats Lust daily essentials  

5. Bubblegum—Lip scrubs are something I've been using for a couple of months now! It was recommended to me because I always have chapped lips, oddly enough, scrubbing them, like you would do your skin, does wonder against that! And it's a sugar scrub, so it tastes delicious. 😍😉

6. Honey trap—After scrubbing lips, time to hydrate them. I love the honey trap lip balm because I love honey! And it's made of natural ingredients, so I feel safe and good putting it on my lips.

7. Charity pot—I use this hydrating cream for everything. It's nice, absorbs well and not too greasy. Plus, every time you buy this, 100% of the money goes to different charity and organizations. How amazing is that! Bonus, if you buy it in your local store, you get to pick who the money goes too, and the details of the organization are on the pots!

8. Wiccy Magic Muscles—I love this massage bar for when my muscles are sore after shoveling too much snow ❄️, going for a run 🏃 or playing outside. It's awesome to use because you can hold it in your hand and massage your muscles, and the beans inside (Aduki Beans) help the message process. What's not to love! 😍



 4Cats Lush Bath Needs

Last but not least, here are the things I love when I have extra time to spoil myself and take a bath... 😊


9. Dreamtime—This seems to be the latest product that Lush has released, and I HAVE to try it! It is similar to a bath bomb in the way you use it, but its filled with cocoa butter and oils to leave your skin moisturized and soft. And obviously they had a lavender scent, so I had to grab that one to try. Maybe tonight, since it is still snowing here on the East Coast...

10. Intergalactic—If you still haven't tried a bath bomb yet, you are missing out on a cool experience. This one is my favourite - mint, cool colours, relaxation—need I say more? Check out how they make them:



comments what are you Lush must-haves, and what I need to try next time I go!

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Get to know Andréa, the Studio Experience Team Leader!

4Cats Andrea



I’m an Easterner from Montréal, who wholeheartedly believes that art makes the world go round, that getting messy painting is the most thing of all and that a day spent creating makes dreaming easier.  


Watching the stars from high altitude in Nepal—the skies were mesmerizing and memorable!


Reading a really good book, skiing, dancing and creating!


Problem-solving, making funny faces and extreme organization.


Being outside, exploring and meeting new people!


To truly make art accessible to everybody, and see people’s joy and happiness when they experience our studios and products.


Art, creating every day, exploring the country, need I say more?


My first dinner at the cottage on Salt Spring Island. Best-night-ever! I’m looking forward to having a never-ending list of awesome 4Cats moments.

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