Day 14: Office Reno update: The David's Tea wall idea!

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Andréa here again! I hope you are all doing fantastic 😊

I was out with my best friend the other day and we were on our way to go and stock up at David's Tea, because we are seriously obsessed with their teas! We've been having "girl nights" with other friends and having tea tasting sessions, swapping our favourites, and even trying recipes by mixing them together!

On another note, although I'm not in Vancouver to help out with the office reno, I've still been trying to influence it from a distance, because I still go there fairly often!😉 So I've decided to send to Joey some of my favourite David's tea teas, some cool tins to add colour to the space (because we are artists after all, we love colours 😍) and other awesome accessories.

I figured I'd give you a preview of my favourites, so you can have some delicious teas ready for when your Cozy Cuppa is ready to use! 😉 Also, I have a surprise for you at the bottom, make sure to keep on reading!


1. Cream of Earl Grey—A classic, with a twist! It still tastes like delicious earl grey, but with a hint of vanille, and it's delicious in a latte too! Plus, black teas have a bit of caffeine, so you can use this to replace your morning coffee. I know this is getting a bunch of you doubtful, but give it a try and report back!

2. Alpine Punch—Apple, cinnamon, ginger & almonds. Always the best recipe for an après-ski at the cottage while reading a good book, practicing your drawing skills, or just watching netflix under a big blanket by the fire.

3. Cold 911—Maybe a placebo, maybe not, but to me it's a Winter saviour! When I feel a little cold coming along, my throat itching, or a little couch peeking its head, I ingest a ton of Cold 911. Maybe it is just the delicious taste, with a touch of honey, but I swear it helps, somehow!


1. Colourful tins—What to do with all your loose tea to keep it fresh and nicely organized? Best solutions are the colourful tins! They're beautiful, display nicely, keep everything fresh, and make it super easy to identify which tea is which! So it is pretty and practical? This sounds like a win-win in my book!

2. Steeper—You need one of those in your collection - you can watch your tea steep and the water change colour, it's super easy to use, and you can make sure not to leave your tea in the water for too long by filling your cups individually!

3. The Perfect Spoons—It allows you to measure how much tea to put in your steeper, or your tea filters. And as the name says, it is perfect, plus this one is pink - what's not to love?

I placed another order for Joey, stay tuned for our update post when they receive it all, organize their tea wall and try all the flavours I've sent them!


On another note, as promised above, here is my surprise...


Because I believe you need to make your own beautiful cuppa to use with all the delicious teas you already have, or are getting soon!

Head to our Facebook page right here, call up your best friend and let them know you've entered them in a contest to come and create together as the awesome team that you are, and let us know what your favourite thing to drink out of your own handmade cuppa will be!

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