Day 19: Ditto Party Time!

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Do you:

Love to create?

Love to make small cute things?

Love to celebrate your birthday in a big, big, BIG way?

Love to hang out with your friends, your best-ests of friends?


Then I have a great news for you! You can book the best birthday party OF YOUR LIFE with us at 4Cats! You can go ahead and check out all of our offerings here, but today I want to bring focus on one of my favourite party to teach—the oven-bake clay party! 😍

The oven-bake clay that we use in the studios is called Ditto, and it's the coolest and most fun ever! What is oven-bake you may ask? It is a type of polymer clay that is already coloured, which you can mix to make other shades and tones, that you can then bake in the oven to harden! Which means it never dries out, can be blended and sculpted into the shape you want.

It is super fun to teach because there are so many different themes, so many different shapes and so many different combinations that can be made to create awesomely creative sculptures. Like I always tell people—these sculptures are not hard to do, it's all about making simple shapes. The challenge lies in the proportions, but all you gotta do is listen closely to your curator (or follow the instructions in your kits, but more about this further down 😉). 



The actual hardest part of this whole process is to pick which theme to use to celebrate your party! I separated them into categories, to hopefully help narrow down your decision!


1. Mythical creatures 

4Cats yeti unicorn dragon mythical creature oven bake clay party

You love all things mythical? Well, we got some things in stock for you! Now to choose between magical unicorns 🦄, splendid dragons 🐲 or glow in the dark yetis —that is the next step! 


2. Wild animals

4Cats raccoon monkey fox animal oven bake clay party


Do you climb everywhere like a monkey 🐒? Or are you as wise as a fox? Or as cute as a racoon? Pick your wild animal and come and create your own mini cute version of it in the studio!


3. Colourful skies

 4Cats balloon house bird oven bake clay party

Is this a bird in the sky 🐤? Or a flying house 🏠🎈? Who knows! But it doesn't matter, pick the one you love, they're both bright and full of colours, you'll be sure to have a rainbow 🌈 of a good time!


4. Castle buddies

4Cats princess knight oven bake clay party 

Do you dream of hanging out in the castle all day, with your princesses & princes buddies, and their knight friends, running away from the king and the queen to run havoc everywhere? Come and make your own little version of your favourite character—princess or knight?


5. For the #foreverhungry

4Cats foodie burger fries hot dog milkshake oven bake clay party

Are you one of those forever hungry people? Make your own fast food sculpture! You can't eat it, but you can keep it forever! All the pleasure, zero calories - sounds good to me!

If you still can't decide on whether you love painting or Ditto better, I suggest have a look at our La Soiree Cupcake, since you get to sculpt AND paint!

Check it out:




How long?

The art portion of the party lasts a full hour of creating! Our curators will be showing you all the step by steps, guiding you through the project and making sure that you and your guests are having a great time.

Then, if you want, you can opt in for 45 minutes of studio space after for the party portion of your event, which comes at an extra fee. You can use the space to unwrap presents, share a snack, eat cake, etc.


What is included?

  • Materials for the art;
  • 10 guests, including the birthday child
  • Each kid leaves with their free-standing sculpture, or on a canvas board;
  • Curator for the hour of making;
  • The awesome memories!


What about upgrades?

The sculptures are either free-standing or on a canvas board. But, you can choose some of our awesome upgrades in your party choices! Check your local studio for pricing. Here are your options:

  • In a dome 
  • In a globe
  • In a shadow box 

You also have the option to have more than 10 guests. Check your local studio for extra guest pricing


What should I bring? 

  • Clothes that are okay to get messy in
  • If you are reserving the 45 minutes of party time, then you will need your food, snacks, cutlery, activities, etc.
  • No need for decorations - our studios are already super bright and colourful!



Do not fret! I know that now you are dying to try out our Ditto oven-bake Clay to make a bunch of colourful sculptures! But what if you can't wait for your birthday party, or it's passed? I have an easy solution for you - you can order your next favourite sculpture kit directly on our website: Get all the colours and instructions you need to make your newest masterpiece! Also available at participating studios.



I'm glad you asked friend! There is also a chance to win a Ditto Oven-Bake Clay party! So many reasons to celebrate on this Friday, woohoo! Head on to our Facebook page, follow all the instructions and be entered for a chance to win a Ditto Oven-Bake Clay Party! Yay!

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  • Is this available for adults-only? My birthday is on Mar 12 but can celebrate before or after.

    Maria F on

  • I am interested in booking a birthday party for my 7 year old daughter on Saturday March 3rd. 8 kids will be attending. Can you send me a quote and let me know what times are available on that day. Thank you!

    Christine Walton on

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