Day 51: Camp giveaway!

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I know it looks like all I care about are the Choose Your Own Adventure Camps... BUT IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ONE OF THE BEST AND MOST FUN THING EVER!😍

In this spirit, I wanted to share with you all an opportunity to enter to win a 2 days half day camp for children ages 5 to 10!

But first, let me tell you more about the different adventure options your child would have in our camps!

Acrylic Paint

4Cats Painting Camp

Paint like a professional artist, use acrylic on various mediums! Canvas, paper, panels, wood and so much more! Themes and projects will be offered, kids will be guided towards creating something they love, they are proud of and that they will be able to get stretched and display proudly!


Earthenware clay

4Cats Clay Camp

Create all forms and shape, learn all about clay, it's origins, how to work it, where it comes from, the cooking process and more! Start with a fresh slab of earthenware clay and turn it into something magical! Watch it transform before your eyes!

4Cats Clay Camp


Clay wheel

Loving clay? Take on the ultimate test! The clay wheel is definitely a big part of the clay culture, and a big task to take on. But it is also like meditation, it creates beautiful pieces, and it is so rewarding when you make your own piece!


Clay painting

More painting techniques to be learned, but this one is unique because it is painting on clay! You would use underglaze paint and overglaze to create beautifully coloured pieces, that you can keep and cherish forever!


Ditto Oven-Bake Clay

4Cats Oven-Bake Clay Camp

More sculpting techniques, but with a different medium! Ditto oven-bake clay is great because it is already coloured, you can envision your final product right away! Also, you can make very fine pieces and add a lot of details to your creations. 



Learn new drawing techniques, play around with markers, pencils, charcoal, pastels, pens and so much more! You will get to create tons of new characters and fun things and develop new skills! SO MUCH COLOURFUL FUN!



Ever tried pouring medium? It is a mesmerizing medium to use, you can create tons of cool abstract colourful masterpieces, as well as invent new colours and patterns! Plus, it is a resin like medium which allows you to create super cool layers, all while being non-toxic.



4Cats Printmaking Camp

Try out different printmaking techniques—from gel plates to silkscreening and passing by stamping and other fun mediums! You will be using acrylic paint or inks and will for sure have a lot of fun. And you will learn a bunch from one of our favourite artist, Andy Warhol. He created artwork that was repeated "over and over and over" again!




4Cats Watercolour Camp

Paint if your favourite medium and you want to try something new? Watercolour is a fun medium, and it comes in tons of shapes and forms as well. From cakes to liquid to paste and passing by gel, you can experience tons of various types of paint—plus you might learn all about special watercolour brushes and frisket masking fluid!


Crafts & collage

4Cats Craft Camp

Mix, match and collage things up with this activity! Create tons of various colourful art, experiment with layers and textures and go all out! This is a fun activity to take on, and will help you learn to plan ahead and think about the variety of things you can make.



4Cats Splatter Camp

You might even have a chance to experience the amazing art world of Jackson Pollock and participate in splatter paintings! Get messy, create abstract art and make some really unique masterpieces.



Here is that you are looking for - the camp contest! There are two ways to win: you can enter on Facebook AND on Instagram for a chance to win a 2 day half day camp for your child and their best friend!

In order to win you need to do the following on Facebook and/or on Instagram:

  • Love our page

  • Love this post

  • Tell us which studio you would attend

  • Tell us your adventurer's age, their favourite type of adventures and tag who they would take with them!

Head over to our page for a chance to participate! Since the camps are happening soon, we will be choosing the winner next week, on Tuesday, February 27!

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