Day 21: The story continues... Lush order arrives

Posted by Andréa Couture on

I had been tracking Joey's order very closely, as I was so looking forward to seeing Joey's reaction and thoughts on the various items I sent her way! She finally got it at the beginning of this week, and in the whirlwind of everything, it actually took so long for her to open it! Or she just liked playing with my emotions... Ah!

Not only was I waiting to get her to unbox her order, but also to try some of the products! As you may remember, I had sent Joey my top 10 must-have items (see day 10 for a little backstory)—but she didn't know that I added a couple more things in there... 😉


Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a video of the unboxing

lush box open from 4Cats Arts Studio on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more details on what else was in the box, what she loves, and how it all looks once in the bathroom! 

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