Day 25: Camp camp camp camp

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We love camps at 4Cats, as you either know because you've attended them, put your kids in them, or have heard us talk about it a few times already...

Our 4Cats camps, on top of being the coolest and most fun ever (I mean, we're talking about making art, right?!) have a little "je ne sais quoi" which makes you want to come back over and over again! Okay, actually, it's  not a "little", and I know what it is—YOU CAN COLLECT BADGES! It-is-the-coolest-thing-ever. Have you heard of sliced bread? So old school compared to this...

There are 16 badges that can be earned (or traded, or won!) during the 4Cats camps, and they are so much fun. They're fun to earn, they're fun to hand out, they're fun to work towards earning, they're even fun to pack!

I'm telling you this, from the master badge packer...

ME! Gosh, I miss those fake lashes...👀

All studios wanted the badges, everyone ordered different quantities, and our super duper hard working warehouse team had one HUGE job on their hands! What they did not know, is that a Master Organizer was amongst them!

Let it be known, as a Master Organizer, I have decided that I have earned my place amongst the Master Builders, Lego Movie style...

These boxes of badges were not scaring me, they just seemed too much excitement for my Saturday morning! Armed with my favourite podcasts (I'll have to share them with you all one day too!) I tackled the packaging of the badges. It was, by far, one of the most relaxing Saturday mornings I have had. I'm not even joking!

All that packaging led to me getting to know the badges REALLY WELL, like, know them by heart!

Since they'll be around again for the Spring & Summer camps, I figured it was time to introduce you to them if you had never seen them, or to remind you of which badges you can work towards earning this year to complete your collection! ❤️

Here they all are, in no particular order:



Painting—For greatness in dotting, dashing & swirling

Drawing—For greatness in drawing, sketching & doodling

Sculpting—For greatness in moulding, designing & sculpting
Story Teller—For telling great tales
Crafts—For greatness in crafting

Leadership—For out of this world leadership skills

Mixed Media—For greatness in a variety of mediums

Kindness—For showing kindness to others
Colour Master—For greatness in colour mixing
ImaginationFor creativity & dreaming up the impossible!
Precision—For robot-like listening & following the rules
Sunshine—For positive contagious energy
Shine On—For being a simply amazing artist

Good Idea—For having an Ah-Mazing idea

Helping Hand—For lending a hand
Sparkle Sparkle—For excellence in cleaning


Funny enough, whenever I'd talk with the kids and they'd ask me which badge I had earned, my default answer was "Which one do you think I deserve?" Nine times out of ten, the answer was "THE STORYTELLER ONE!" I wonder why... 🤔😉

Which one do you, or your child, want to earn in your next camp? Let us know in the comments, and join us for Spring & Summer camps!

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  • Day 25 camp that u earn badges are the being held in maple ridge or Clayton area and what are the dates and times plus cost for one particapant age 6

    Thanks Nicole Farrer

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