Day 27: Meditation on the Clay Wheel!

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Find your local studio's clay wheel availability on our website.

I'm sure you've heard it, meditation is the big thing that everyone should be doing. It is something that I incorporate into my daily routine, but I've struggled with this at first.

It just made NO SENSE for me to sit there in silence and attempt at thinking of nothing. Because that's what I thought meditation was!

And then, after all these years of yoga and other meditation related things, I started working at 4Cats. I will always remember my training - it was a cold Fall in Salt Spring Island, but I was just so excited to get up every day and discover what new things we would do and learn!

When they announced to us that we would be doing the clay wheel, I was TERRIFIED. There is no other way to put it.

All I could think was "How am I suppose to do this? It looks so hard!".

But then, I finally gave it a try. I prepared my wheel. Prepared my clay. Attached my clay to the turntable top. And then the real magic began...

Everything around me disappeared, the soft rumbling of the wheel was all I could hear, my eyes were fixed on my hands, and it was SO NICE. It was amazing. It was magical. It was all the words you can think of, and more. But mostly, it was mesmerizing.

That really was a revelation to me. That was the moment that I realize that meditation was something you could do while doing an activity. And that's also the moment when I fell in love with the clay wheel.

I do yoga, I run, I ride my bike, I swim. All things that help me clear my mind!

But there is nothing like the wheel to help you clear your mind, calm yourself and relax. It is one of my favourite activity to do in the studio, and I wanted to share this with you, because you should definitely go ahead and try it too!

Grab your bestie, or carve out some time for yourself, and go and relax in the studio! You know you deserve it!

Find your local studio's clay wheel availability on our website.


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