Day 28: Onto the next studio reno - 4Cats St Catharines and meet Kathleen!

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We've renovated our Byron, London studio at the beginning of the month, check it out here. We've even celebrated with our Grand Reopening! Now, it was time for our little team to get ready for the NEXT COOL THING!

Kathleen left the Byron Studio, to make her way to the St Catharines studio!

So this meant all of the following...


    • Reserving an Airbnb ✔️
    • Getting all the extra supplies from the Byron studio ready for packing ✔️
    • Picking up a Uhaul to bring these things down South ✔️
    • Driving all 195km to get there ✔️
    • Stopping at the cool viewpoints ✔️
    • Going to get the studio's key ✔️
    • Opening the studio up and checking it out ✔️
    • Moving all the things from the Uhaul to the studio ✔️
    • Painting the walls the perfect colour ✔️
    • Getting supplies and shopping done for the setup ✔️




And now, the real work begins...! Kathleen is getting ready to receive the studio's big order, build the shelves, label everything and set it all up, so we're ready to create with you all as of February 1st!

We're super excited to see everyone again soon!


Kathleen Watson, Trainer and CFO (Chief FUN Officer)

About me

Howdy! I’m Kathleen but some people like to call me Kath-a-leen 😊 I love potato chips, pop culture and the colour purple. I am a proud owner of over 20 pairs of glasses and one fish named Nick Jonas. I am always ready for excitement, adventure and would love to join your trivia team- thank you for asking!

Memorable life moments

My fifteen years spent at summer camp! I am a happy camper to the bone and will enthusiastically lead an off-key sing-song whenever given the chance. 


Going to comedy shows, seeing live music, playing trivia, telling (exaggerated) stories, following cute dogs on instagram, relaxing with a face mask!


I’ve never forgotten a face 😊 Also I make a really good playlist.


Petting every dog I meet, travelling around Canada, Dolly Parton


To make every day a great day!

Why I love 4Cats

I love that every day I get to create memories for friends and families and help to make the world a little more beautiful with their art 😄

Favourite 4Cats Moments

Squatting to pick up a bag of clay and LOUDLY splitting my pants right down the middle in front of a full adult workshop. The workshop started and ended in fits of laughter and it was a great shortcut to break the ice. Plus there was a lovely breeze.

Current Projects

Filling the world with bright, sunny and cheerful colour! I am usually found painting walls, painting pictures or painting my nails 😄

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