Day 6 of 365: 4Cats in 4 days! A studio reno in London, ON!

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 This week Kathleen (Training Leader) and Kennedy (Training Team) have been very busy bees!  They have been having fun renovating our Byron studio in beautiful, lovely, snowy London, Ontario.  ❄️



Hopefully, some of you might appreciate and share our enthusiasm for renovating and moving stuff around! We are big fan's of Marie Kondo’s book "Spark Joy." We love ❤️ being organized, we love ❤️ everything in the studio to have meaning and function and spark joy in everyone who creates at the studio! Sounds pretty good right? 😁

We officially re-open on January 6th, and are planning a grand re-opening celebration late January! The studio was absolutely lovely before but after almost 7 years, we wanted to update our look a little. We wanted to make more room for our popular adult and family workshops and open the space up a bit. So we are adding some taller tables, a few more clay wheels, painting the walls, getting a new sign and installing a big kiln!

So... stay tuned to see the process and progress of the studio!

PS: In other big news, watch for us adding a little cafe area AND we will start offering a few wine and art nights! Good things are happening!


DAY 1 - We look at the space. We shop, we paint, we sleep! 



DAY 2 & 3 - We unpack, we shop, we unpack, we set up and put stuff away!

DAY 4 - We tidy and get ready for tomorrow!

And today we re-open! Still need a few final touches but well done Kathleen and Kennedy!

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