Day 31: Rainbow Mug Contest

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Have you noticed we're in love with the rainbow mug... 😍🌈


This obsession I've been having about rainbows, and seeing how I'm not the only that loves it, has led me to:

A) Research what rainbows actually are (and no, it's not candy, or unicorn tears, or many other crazy things I've heard)

B) Organize a contest so some lucky people could get a chance to join us for FREE for a very cool Rainbow Coil Mug workshop! You can find all the details at the bottom, and enrol directly on Facebook!😋

Okay, so before I share with you the contest details, let do a brief overview of how a rainbow actually works!

The recipe for a rainbow is:

Water💧+ Sunlight ☀️ + You 👀 = Rainbow 🌈

After the rain, you will need a low sun, and to position yourself in front of it. Then, once the light hits the raindrops hanging in the air, the light is separated into the different colours of the rainbow depending on the angle at which it's entering the drops! And what you see, are the different colours of the light spectrum! Have you heard of the trick to remember the rainbow colours' order? It is our dear friend Roy G. Biv! Which is an acronym of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet!

I mean, honestly, this physics concept doesn't beat the rainbow made out of candy or its association with unicorns... But it'll have to do I guess...

Now for the best part!

In order to enter for a chance to win a Rainbow Coiled Mug Workshop, you will need to head to our Facebook page to enter!

And the conditions go as follows:

  1. Love the contest post  and our page on 4Cats Facebook here 

  2. Follow us on Instagram @4Catsstudio 

  3. Tell us 3 things: 

  • Who would you take with you?

  • Tag your friend and say "Let's go make all the colours of the rainbow! _______, meet me there!" and then tell us why you should win 

  • Which studio would you like to go to? 

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