Day 33: Andy Warhol's Cookie Jar Collection

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They are delicious, they come in all sorts and kind. They are one of the greatest things ever made in the kitchen.

My favourites are DEFINITELY chocolate chip based, but I'm open to all possibilities...

But the key to a great cookie experience lies in the Cookie Jar. CRUCIAL, in order to ensure that the cookies are not eaten all at once, as well as to make sure they stay fresh! Plus, it embellishes your kitchen counter. Therefore, the cookie jar is NECESSARY.

You can come and make your own in the studio RIGHT NOW, which is a great plan for the rest of these Winter nights! Come and make your very own Mini Cookie Jar from clay!

Which leads us to one of our all time favourite artist - Mr. Warhol. Yes, Andy Warhol! The team visited his home a couple of years ago, you can check it out on an earlier edition of the blog. But now you're probably questioning - why are we talking about Andy Warhol?

Well, I'm glad you asked! Warhol had A COOKIE JAR COLLECTION! And when we're talking collection we don't mean a handful... We mean A LOT!

Warhol is known for liking to repeat things over and over and over and over again... Have you seen his Soup Can prints? Or his Marilyn Monroe portraits? Or did you know that he had 25 cats, all names Sam?

I feel like more than one cookie jar in your house might be a bit much. But for Warhol, that wasn't a problem, he had 175! One hundred and seventy five jars would mean a lot of cookies, and you would need huge counter space. Like a lot of counters. Imagine the size of that kitchen?


Warhol had all kinds of jars for his cookies—and they were mostly made out of ceramics, like the one you can make in our studios! All shapes and sizes were part of his collection.

After Andy passed away, his collection was sold, and it generated quite a large amount of money! A quarter of a million dollar 💰! That's $250,000.00! So much money...for a lot of cookie jars! 🍪

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