Day 37: Table Tuesday

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I have a follow up from yesterday for you all!


Now say that 4 times fast!


4Cats ced

Here is Kathleen & Kennedy St. Catharines' studio renovation update—they have been building tables!

We often hear in the studio:

  • These tables are beautiful!

  • They smell so good!

  • Where do you get them?

I have the answers to all your questions! They are built of Western Red Cedar from Beautiful British Columbia. Which explains why they are so beautiful, and the gorgeous smell comes from cedar's natural aroma.

Our tables arrive in studio, ready for assembly. Darryl and his team hand pick full dimension 2x6 and 2x4 cedar straight from the mill. After sorting and drying, selected 2x6’s are glued and clamped together to form the table top. The table skirt, legs and braces are sanded and assembled while the protective, watertight finish is applied to the table tops. Next they are wrapped and shipped to us in 3 easy to assemble pieces. These tables are gorgeous, ready for all your creativity, and are such a big part of our studio's beauty! Which means that these tables that you see in some studios, and may be coming to yours soon, are due to the hard work of Darryl and his team!

And you want the scoop? You can get your own table as well! 😻You can find them on our store


4Cats Cedar Table

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