Day 38: Cookie Jar Workshop Giveaway!

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This has been us, since we released the Mini Cookie Jar workshops. We've been making cookies pretty much non-stop, because we need to keep all these jars filled! And it seems that the cookies just keep disappearing and being eaten... I wonder who's fault that is...


In the spirit that sharing is caring, or simply because I don't want to be the only one overeating cookies, we have decided to do a workshop giveaway! 😻🍪

So how does this work?

Head over to our Facebook page for a chance for you and a friend to enter to win a free workshop!




    • Available for adults and families

    • you are 110% ok with being photographed and being filmed

    • it is a really cool earth clay project

    • you will book a glazing time the following week to glaze your bisqued clay

    • winners will be selected on February 28, 2018.


    To Enter, Head To Facebook, and all you gotta do is:

    •  Love the contest post and our page on 4Cats facebook here 
    • Follow us on Instagram @4Catsstudio

    • Tell us 3 things: 
    • Who would you take with you?
    • Tag your friend and say "_____, create a clay cookie jar with me!" and then tell us why you should win 
    • Which studio would you like to go to? 



    Create, out of a fresh slab of earth clay, your own design of a Mini Cookie Jar!



    4Cats Mini Cookie Jar Clay Workshop


    Get creative, get messy hands and come and make something from scratch in our beautiful studio! You need to have your Mini Cookie Jars NOW?  I'm with you! You can sign up directly for the next workshop in your local studio here on our website:


    4Cats Mini Cookie Jar Clay Workshop

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