Day 39: Anyone Can Fly!

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March is just around the corner, with February being the shortest month of the year... it means that it is March Artist Focus time! Every month, we feature a new artist, we study their life, their work, their art, and we create in their style! 

For our March Artist Of The Month, we want to introduce you to...



She is an artist, an author, and illustrator, a teacher and a song writter! She is what you call a multi-talented woman! She is also the one who's life motto is, "Anyone Can Fly!"

Fave Quote

"I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world, being able to do what I love all day."
- Faith Ringgold 

I have to agree with Faith on this, I'm pretty confident we all feel the same way here at 4Cats!

But there is another quote that we can't pass over, as it also resonates with us so dearly:

Children are so talented. Little children are just little artists. They need to be given the time and the space and the materials to do their work. That's all they need.”
-Faith Ringgold

Fave story

Faith learned how to sow from her mom. And she started doing quilts, many of them, of all types and sizes. But the "Story Quilts" came to be when Ringgold decided to integrate writing within the quilt, to turn them into stories. Some of her giant quilts have multiple people's portraits, as well as written stories. They definitely are masterful pieces of art, that tell cool stories. 

Here is her first piece:

Who's Afraid of Aunt Jemima (1983)

Fave Masterpiece

Tar Beach (Part I from the Woman on a Bridge series)

Beautiful colours, a girl flying in the sky, people on a roof—it is a dreamy image, with so much beauty, you would want to be there. Plus, this piece is the cover of one of her famous book, Tar Beach.

That is the end of your little trip into Faith Ringgold's world! As always, to learn more, sign up your child by signing them up for one of our session classes here!

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