Day 46: Camp options!

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Camp season is definitely upon us! Whether we're talking about Spring Break camps happening next month, or Summer camp planning—it is the season!


4Cats Choose Your Own Adventure Camp


Now, you know all about the kind of fun things we do in our Choose Your Own Adventure camp, and you've learned all about our Camp Badges! But, I wanted to make sure you knew all about our various schedule options as well!

We want your kids to have a lot of fun, and your schedule to be covered, let me tell you all about it!


4Cats Choose Your Own Adventure Camp



We know how busy kids holidays can get, and how everyone's agenda is different! Some families need activities for the full week, and for full days! And others need to cover part of the week, or even just a couple of mornings.

Which is why, we have a very flexible schedule for you!

Here are your options:



You can enroll either in a full day or half day camp, all dependant on what you need!

Half day camps are either in the morning, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, or in the afternoon, from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

If you want, you can enroll in both, and then have the full day covered, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM!



B) 3, 2 OR 5 DAYS

The second thing you need to decide is the number of days you want to go with.

You can enroll for a full week, for 5 days. Or, for 3 or 2 days camps! The three-day camps run from Monday to Wednesday, and the two-day camps cover the Thursday and Friday. Or, if you want the full package, then you have the full week option, from Monday to Friday!

So many options are out there for you, now it is just a question to figure out which one works best for you & your family!

Please check your local studio's schedule to see what options they have available for you this upcoming camp season!


4Cats Choose Your Own Adventure Camp



I can hear you ask right now.

Will they do the same thing all week? Will my kids have a good time? Can I put my 8 years old Thomas with my 12 years old Julie in the same camps, even if they like different things?

The answer is simple, they will have a GREAT time, because they will do different things throughout every camp! The whole concept behind our Choose Your Own Adventure camps is that the children get to make decisions around the art they will be doing! The project offerings are varied throughout the week, and from week to week, which allows children to create new, fun and fresh adventures for themselves!

Depending on the studios and the weeks, there will be an array of mediums to choose from:

  • hand-building with earthenware clay

  • clay under glazing

  • acrylic painting on canvas, canvas panel and papers

  • watercolour painting with liquid, cakes, pencils and tubes

  • technical and experimental drawing with pencils, charcoal, pastels and markers

  • collage with papers, gold leaf, silver leaf and origami papers

  • oven bake clay designing and sculpting
  • sketchbook is included

4Cats Choose Your Own Adventure Camp

In other words, we have a little bit of everything for everyone! Make sure to join us this Spring, or if you're a super planner, you can also sign up for Summer camps right away!


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