Day 47: What to do in Victoria!

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Victoria is our brand's home. It's our secret love. It's our dear community.

We love that city of British Columbia, like you would a first love.

It's probably because this is where our dear studios first started, in a house's basement, somewhere in Oak Bay... That sounds about right!

We wanted to give you a little overview of cool things to do in the city if you happen to pass by!

Also, you can check a bit of the history of our brand's humble beginning on our website!

Let us introduce you to some of our favourite Victoria spots!

Fisherman's Wharf

A nice place to go for a walk, to get up close and personal with some seals, with the ocean, have a good lunch or dinner, and check the super awesome and unique boat houses! The Fisherman's Wharf is a really cool spot to go check out as a family and explore the surroundings of. You can even get there from downtown with a little ferry boat! Basically, a romantic cruise if you make the effort of spinning it the right way.😉 They even have a ferry ballet! 😲😍


Emily Carr's House

Emily Carr's house, one of our beloved Canadian artist, is located in Victoria! It is a really cool place to check out, where you can immerse yourself in the life of this wonderful artist! Plus, you get to check out some of her pieces! SO COOL.


Royal BC Museum

You love art as much as we do? You visited Emily Carr's house but that just wasn't enough? You love natural history, first nation art, photography and more? Check out this beautiful place, and if it is raining, you can even catch an IMAX movie!


Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

Go check out this gorgeous castle look-alike building! It's humongous, beautiful, and the perfect lunch spot as you walk around the city, by the water. Plus, you can visit inside, and learn more about the history of the province of British Columbia!


Butchart Gardens

These gardens are beautiful year round! They have a particular beauty to them at the beginning of Summer, when all the flowers are in bloom and it smells delicious.💐🌻🌺 But nonetheless, every season, it feels like walking in a little paradise, or even arriving on a different planet! It is a lovely place, definitely worth to check out, even if it is a little outside of the city!


4Cats Arts Studio

And after visiting the museums and the city, you know you're going to want to make your own masterpiece and relax! We get it! Lucky for you, there are not one, but TWO 4Cats Arts Studio in Victoria!

You can come and create with us, get messy, learn new art techniques, and take home the coolest thing you've ever made! Head onto the website to sign up for your new favourite activity.

The challenge will be to pick which of the two studio to go to. It all depends on the vibe you want. Our Uptown studio is located in a big mall, if you have some shopping to do, it's a great option!



There is our second one in Oak Bay, the neighbourhood has cute little shops and stores and a lot to explore!


Better yet, go to both! 😉

See you soon in Victoria!


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