Day 52: Where does 4Cats' name come from?

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This crucial question, the "why are you called 4Cats?", everyone in the studio has heard it at least a million times!

We've also had an array of inquiries related to cats, such as:

  • Are you a paint studio for cats?

  • Are these cat toys? 

  • My cat is sick, do you have emergency appointments? (While holding the cat in her arms)

  • Where are your cats?

  • Do you only paint and sculpt cats?

We do LOVE cats, and we do sculpt and paint a lot of them, but not only that! And yes, we do have cats, but not in the studios. It just wouldn't be their happy place unfortunately... 

Where does the name come from then? I can hear you ask me, through the screen... Well, it's not because of our love of cats (although that wouldn't be too far fetched), or because we were veterinarians in a past life.

Our name comes from the El Quatre Gats cafe, in Barcelona, Spain. I bet you didn't see that coming!



The name for the studio was inspired by this cool cafe after Darryl, 4Cats' cofounder, gave a book to his wife Joey, 4Cats' other cofounder, about Picasso, and his time at that cafe. El Quatre Gats was a place for artists of all sorts to gather and talk about art, and life, and be together to create. Picasso created there, exhibited some of his pieces and even created a piece for the cover of their menus!

In our studio, we wanted to create a similar atmosphere! A place for all to hang out together, create great art, have a good time, and above all, learn a thing or two from each other!

Join us, experience this awesome community that we call our 4Cats family, and create something beautiful to display in your home and share with all! ❤️

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  • Hello! A friend and I did the Klimt gold painting. And we’re in need of extra painting time. I wasn’t able to see it on the website. How do we book extra time??

    Stacey on

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