Day 64: Bunnies are in the studio!

Posted by Andréa Couture on

Spring is almost here!

Which means that it is almost Easter, and bunnies are in all of our studios!

Bunnies are the absolute cutest, they are so lovable, and you will see a lot of them in our workshops in your local studio in the upcoming weeks! You can find the coolest ones below, and some cool bunny facts!

Fluffle of bunnies—clay workshop

Did you know: bunnies can run as fast as 60km/h!

Bunny - oven bake clay workshop

Did you know: half of the world's bunnies live in North America!

Bunny mug - clay workshop

Did you know: happy bunnies do these funny twirling jumps called "binkies"! 

Some Bunny  - painting workshop

Did you know: female bunnies are called does, male bunnies are called bucks, and the babies are called kits! 

Come to the studio, bring somebunny with you, and have a blast! Just make sure not to eat too much chocolate this coming Easter!

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