Day 66: All about April's cool workshops!

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April means Spring! A feeling of things being renewed. Flowers coming out. Trees adorning their leaves again. Definitely a poetic and beautiful time of the year! For me, Spring also means Spring cleaning and decorating!

This Spring, we have so many workshops to create new projects for all rooms of your house! From the kitchen, to the bathroom, and the office to the bedroom, and then passing by the living room and ending on the balcony, we've got something for you to come and create in the studio! Scroll through to see our different projects suggestions for your whole home!



Create your own Secret Garden—an abstract painting! Add some colour to your office, create something to make you smile throughout the day.


4Cats Secret Garden Painting Workshop



Let It Pour, and let it go! A nice colourful painting & pouring workshops, creating a masterpiece to help you relax your mind before going to sleep!

4Cats Let It Pour Painting Workshop



Clay Soap Dish workshop! Cute, adorable, colourful and hand made. AH-MA-ZING!

4Cats Soap Dish Clay Workshop



There is enough for you to redo your whole kitchen set! 😍Check out our various options!

Abstract Dishware made out of clay—make a set of two! Two plates or two bowls or one bowl and one plate! Or, come multiple times and make dozens of them!


4Cats Abstract Dishware Clay Workshop

Make your own fascinating Face-nating cup for your morning coffee, or your midday cuppa, or your late night hot water with lemon!


4Cats Facet-nating Cup Clay Workshop


You need new plates, and you love the clay wheel? Perfect combination! Come and make your own Clay Wheel Plates and enjoy your next meal in your new handmade beauty!


4Cats Clay Wheel Plates Workshop


You like your cuppa in something more magical and extraordinaire? Come and make your own Mermaid Mug out of clay, and pick colours that will match your other creations!


4Cats Mermaid Mug Clay Workshop



Plant a tree in your Tree Planter clay piece in your living room, put it by a window, and watch it grow every day!


4Cats Tree Planter Clay Workshop




Give back to your bird friends, create this awesome Bird Feeder made out of clay, put it our on your balcony, close to a window, and enjoy the beautiful songs of birds this Spring!


4Cats Bird Feeder Clay Workshop

If your home is already filled with all your beautiful creations, don't forget that these make awesome presents! 🎁But seriously, you can never have too many beautiful plates, or mugs... 😉


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