Day 67: The most Otterly Adorable Ditto clay party!

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I have the most Otterly Adorable announcement for you... We have a NEW Sea Otter Ditto Oven bake clay KIT AND PARTY! 😍

We figured we shouldn't be shellfish 🐚 and we should share this otter-this-world new coming with you all!


4Cats Ditto Sea Otter Oven-Bake Clay Kit


Would you like to learn a couple of things about Sea Otters? Get otter here, I know you do! 😂 

First! They're otter-able! 😻

Second! Otters use tools to do many things - they are a little bit like us! 🔨

Third! They have pockets in their body! Right under their arms! That is as useful as pockets in a dress! 👗

Four! Otters wrap themselves and their babies in kelp when they sleep so they don't drift away, or they hold paws! 🙀


4Cats Ditto Sea Otter Oven-Bake Clay Kit


You can get your very own Ditto Oven-Bake Clay kit directly from our website, or in your local participating studio.

In each kit you get:

  • 4 packages of 50g of different colours of Ditto Oven-Bake Clay

  • Instructions and picture examples of your future masterpiece

  • An awesome experience in a box! 😁

Or, if you have a birthday coming up, or want to have fun with your friends in our beautiful studios, join us for a Ditto Oven-Bake Clay party! I got more details for you below, but basically you get to come with 9 of your friends (or more if you choose to), sit down, relax, and get guided through the steps to make this resourceful sea friend to bring home!


Here are more details about the Ditto Oven-Bake Clay party!

How long?


The art portion of the party lasts a full hour of creating! Our curators will be showing you all the step by steps, guiding you through the project and making sure that you and your guests are having a great time.

Then, if you want, you can opt in for 45 minutes of studio space after for the party portion of your event, which comes at an extra fee. You can use the space to unwrap presents, share a snack, eat cake, etc.

What is included?

  • Materials for the art

  • 10 guests, including the birthday child

  • Each kid leaves with their free-standing sculpture, or on a canvas board

  • Curator for the hour of making

  • The awesome memories!


What about upgrades? 

The sculptures are either free-standing or on a canvas board. But, you can choose some of our awesome upgrades in your party choices! Check your local studio for pricing. Here are your options:

  • In a dome

  • In a globe

  • In a shadow box

You also have the option to have more than 10 guests. Check your local studio for extra guest pricing


What should I bring? 

  • Clothes that are okay to get messy in

  • If you are reserving the 45 minutes of party time, then you will need your food, snacks, cutlery, activities, etc.

  • No need for decorations—our studios are already super bright and colourful!

For more details on our parties and pricing, you can check out our website here! To learn more about Ditto Oven-Bake Clay parties, check out our blog post here!


4Cats Ditto Sea Otter Oven-Bake Clay Kit

You want to learn more about Sea Otters? You can watch some sea otters live on the Vancouver Aquarium's webcam system!

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  • How large are the bodies of the animals in the oven bake kits? The directions say to bake 30mim per 1/4” thickness, but if they are a couple inches thick do they need to bake several hours? I was considering them for a party but I would only have about an hour to complete baking. Thanks for the clarification.

    Michelle on

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