Day 70: To bowl or to plate, that is the question...

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"To be or not to be" asked Hamlet in Shakespeare's play of the same name.

But in our studio, the wording goes:

To bowl or to plate, that is the question!

We've already gone over why the clay wheel is one of the coolest thing to do in the studio... And how it's pretty much an active meditation!

And hopefully you've had a chance to try it in the studio already!

If not, here is a little taste of it:

You can come in the studio and create some awesome bowls... But now, we have something NEW FOR YOU!


I am so excited about this! You can make bowls and plates now on the wheel. Plus, if you think about everything that is offered in the studio, you can pretty much outfit your whole kitchen now! 😉

The real question, again, is: To bowl? Or to plate? 

I think the root of this question is... What do you love eating the most?

Cereals? --> BOWL! 

Sandwiches? --> PLATE! 🍽️

Soup? --> BOWL!

Sunny side up eggs? --> PLATE! 🍽️

Pasta? --> BOWL OR PLATE! 🤔

Salad? --> SAME DILEMMA... 😮


I guess it isn't as clearly defined—what goes in a bowl versus a plate... Except soup & cereals, these should definitely be put in bowls...

In doubt, I think we should just test it out!

Head to the studio, attend both workshops, take your creations home, and let me know if you have a favourite!😁

4Cats Clay Wheel Plates Workshop

4Cats Clay Wheel Bowl Workshop

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