Day 71: Tree planters are super cool and important!

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In our humble opinion: trees are some of the most beautiful things that nature puts on display! You can also be one of our favourite person by becoming a Tree Planter in our workshop!

Yes, flowers đŸŒș are gorgeous and smell good. 

Yes, kittens đŸ±are the cutest and most fluffy thing in the world. 

Yes, waterfalls 🌊 are poetic and majestic. 

Yes, mountain ⛰are spectacular and imposing. 

But! There is something about trees... Something that just grows on you (pun intended), and makes them so majestic!

We want to make everything around us beautiful, and trees are definitely part of that perfect picture of beauty we have in our mind!

Here are 10 reasons why trees are just the absolute bestest:

  1. Trees are deeply rooted in the earth

  2. Trees make music with their leaves and the wind

  3. Trees change colours with the season

  4. Trees teach us about the cycle of life

  5. Trees smell delicious

  6. Trees give us the most delicious thing in the world—maple syrup

  7. Trees are the home of so many adorable critters

  8. Trees come in all shapes and forms

  9. Trees start with just a seed, and can become massive and ginormous!

  10. Trees have inspired various Canadian artists' masterpieces! Some of our big names and favourites have amazing work of arts with trees in them! We're talking about artists such as: Tom Thomson, Lawren Harris, Emily Carr, to only name a few.


Check out some of our very own inspired trees: 

Now, it is time to give back to nature a little bit of the beauty we've received, and become your very own tree planters!

Make the best Tree Planter in the studio, put in the smallest tree you ever did see, and when it grows plant it somewhere in nature that is in dire need of some green!

Join us in our Tree Planter Clay Workshop in the studio!


4Cats Tree Planter Clay Workshop

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