Day 50: Duo exploration of Southern Ontario

Posted by Andréa Couture on

Today I would love to take you on a little adventure...

To Kay & Ken's day off in Niagara Falls!

The girls have been working hard at opening studios across the country, but they've also been having a lot of fun, and enjoying the various places they've visited!

While they are busy at work in St. Catharines, they took a day off to explore the beauty that is Niagara Falls.

Here are some fun facts about Niagara Falls, that you may not know!

  • Onguiaahra is the actual origin of the word Niagara! It means "thundering noise", which is a very accurate depiction of the sound you hear as you approach that beautiful place!
  • It is one of the most renowned Canadian landmark. 
  • The falls have been travel in barrels by a number of individual, but the first to do it was Annie Taylor, and a CAT!

Check out the video to explore this gorgeous landmark, and learn more about the falls!


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