Day 40: Family Day around the corner!

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Family day is coming, and to us at 4Cats, family is super duper important!

4Cats Arts Studio are all run by families—real or chosen ones! And at the head of it all is the Simon's family! Plus, 4Cats is a family business, meant for families!

There are many fun things that can be done together on those special days, and to create cool memories!

Here are some of my favourites:

Go for a hike

Snuggle up everyone together with popcorn on the couch and watch a movie

Cook together a delicious meal

Go skiing


As you can imagine, you can come and celebrate your family with us at your local studio on Family Day! There are so many cool things to do at the studio, but my favourite one to celebrate this holiday is the Family Ornaments Clay Workshop.

4Cats Family Clay Ornament Workshop

You can make a self portrait, or your mom, or your kid, or even your pet! You get to create these cool sculptures out of earth clay, paint them with awesome underglazes and have a forever souvenir for this fun time spent together! Everyone gets to make 2 portraits - the more people join you in the workshop, the larger your family collection can get!

Check out some of these cool sculptures:

4Cats Family Clay Ornament Workshop

4Cats Family Clay Ornament Workshop4Cats Family Clay Ornament Workshop

We look forward to welcoming you back to the studio, or welcome you to our crew for the first time!

From our 4Cats family to yours, happy Family Day!

4Cats Family

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