Day 55: It's pouring in the studio!

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It is time again to feature an awesome 4Cats party!

Have you ever tried pouring in the studio? It is a super unique and special type of art! It is meant to imitate resin, but in a non-toxic and safe way! It will make your pieces shiny, you can create different layers and patterns and colours and have a blast with this special medium. What we use for this unique Pouring Party is liquid vitreous medium. It is so much fun, we can't wait for you to try it too!

Like in all our 4Cats parties, we have some themes for you to choose from! They go from cool collage pieces, all the way to abstract ones!

Check them out!


The Cupcake


The most delicious of them all, the biggest challenge is choose your favourite flavour!

4Cats Cupcake Pouring Kids Party


The Cat


This one is purr-fect, and even better than a real cat, since it won't lose its hair!


4Cats Cat Pouring Kids Party


The Monster


Make it as spooky or as cute as you want, and keep it by your side, always!


4Cats Monster Pouring Kids Party


The Swirl of Colour


Go full abstract, choose your favourite colours and make an awesome piece of modern resin art!

Check out this cool video for a preview!




How long?

The art portion of the party lasts a full hour of creating! Our curators will be showing you all the step by steps, guiding you through the project and making sure that you and your guests are having a great time.

Then, if you want, you can opt in for 45 minutes of studio space after for the party portion of your event, which comes at an extra fee. You can use the space to unwrap presents, share a snack, eat cake, etc. 

What is included?

  • Materials for the art

  • 10 guests, including the birthday child

  • Each kid creates their own pouring piece

  • Curator for the hour of making

  • The awesome memories!

What about upgrades? 

The paintings are completed on a beautiful and sturdy canvas board panel. But, you can choose some of our awesome upgrade in your party choice! 

Check your local studio for pricing. Here are your options:

  • You can purchase the option to get metallic markers to add a nice touch of whimsical details! These are giveaway with the artwork and can be added afterwards.

Have more than 10 guests? No problem-o. You also have the option to have more than 10 guests. Check your local studio for pricing.

What should I bring?

  • If you are reserving the 45 minutes of party time, then you will need your food, snacks, cutlery, activities, etc.

  • No need for decorations—our studios are already super bright and colourful!

We're looking forward to partying with you!

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