DAY 4 OF 365: BLOG Workshop Contest! (at participating studios)

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Enter for you and a friend to create with us for FREE! and be featured on OUR BLOG!

🌷🌱🌼🌺🌲🌻 Here's your chance for you and a friend to enter to win a free workshop at one of the following studios at the end of this month!

Studios you can enter at: ⭐💖🌟


  • Wednesday, January 31st, 2018 at 7:00PM 
  • FOR FREE! ⭐💖🌟 


  • Adults only, please
  • you are 110% ok with being photographed and being filmed
  • you will create from clay in the photoshoot 
  • you will book a glazing time the following week to glaze your bisqued clay
  • max. 12 people today, 6 winners

This is your opportunity to try this fun new project, as well as a chance to be featured on our blog!🌟


You have 2 chances! For each location, we will randomly choose 3 people from the blog, 3 people from Facebook for each studio so enter in both places!

To enter ON FACEBOOK all you gotta do is: 

  1.  Love the contest post  and our page on 4Cats facebook here 
  2. Tell us 3 things: 
  • Who would you take with you?
  • Tag your friend and say "Let's go to 4Cats ______ " and then tell us why you should win 
  • Which studio would you like to go to? (see above for participating studios)

To enter ON THE BLOG all you gotta do is: 

  1. Tell us your name and who would you take with you
  2. Which studio would you like to go to? (see above for participating studios)
  3. Tell what you would like to see on our blog this year!



Create, out of a fresh slab of earth clay, someone's portrait, or even a self-portrait!

Get your hands a little messy, give your creativity a chance, and have fun in a relaxed and beautiful environment. 

In order to participate, all you need to do is comment below with the name of the person you would bring with you! ❤️

Please note that due to the time of the day, this workshop is for adults only. 

Please note the following conditions:

- the winners will be chosen at random and will be emailed on Jan 10, 2018

- the workshop will be at 7PM on January 31st, winning workshop time cannot be changed or transferred, if you can't make it we will choose another winner. 

- no cash value

- if you win, you agree that photos and/or video can be taken of you and your friend at the workshop and used for any 4Cats marketing purposes including blogs, vlogs, digital or print marketing or social media


Can't wait for the contest results to try it out?

Sign up directly for the next workshop in your local studio here on our website:

See you soon at the studio! 🌻🌲🌼🌺🌱🌷

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  • I’d take my friend Tamara, we frequent the Edgemont Village location!
    We always go with our friend Justice! The three of us work across the street so we go after work during the week and we always have a great time.
    I’d love to see projects to display our fantastic mugs on on the blog!

    Randine Graham on

  • I’m Tam and I would bring Randine Graham! We do 4Cats workshops all the time with our friend Justice after work! I’d love to see more time slots available around 6pm but I’d also like to see more projects that have to do with jewellery! I go to the 4Cats in Edgemont Village!

    Tamara Moerike on

  • Hi My name is Peter and I would like to take Jessica Ahn. I would like to participate in 4Cats Burnaby location. On the blog, I would like to see maybe easy artwork that we can do at home to make the home brighter.

    Peter Kim on

  • I would bring my friend Andrea to the Oak Bay 4cats. I would like to see more ideas on how to spark the inner creativity that a lot of us suppress. I love how you have so many mediums now in your studios and make it inviting to all ages and all levels :)

    Angela L. on

  • I would love to see more unicorn mug classes this year! also it would be cool to add wood burning art in some way or stained glass art! Id take my friend holly Stratton to 4cats at uptown Victoria! :)

    Samantha Backlund on

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