New Year's Resolution! Day 1 of 365

Posted by Joey Simon on

January 1st! Woo hoo! A new year! 2018!

Like 99.9% of the universe, we are making our resolutions around here and have decided to SUPER challenge ourselves by committing to a blog and/or vlog post everyday for 365 days - just as 99.9% of the universe has too. haha


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  • Well, we really, really love art and want to spread the word! Seems like a good reason? 
  • And we are artists, we like to make stuff and do stuff and show people. It really is grrrrreat to be creative, make stuff and take risks.
  • We think what we do is 99.9% pretty interesting. 

Ok, so here we go! Hopefully, we can make you smile and you will enjoy the ride too!

Top 10 Plus-es that may inspire you to follow us every single day:

  1. we really love taking nice pics
  2. you will meet an interesting cast of artist characters
  3. we have 9 photogenic cats 
  4. we have 3 very cuuuuute dogs
  5. you will see the inner workings of our really cool art studios
  6. we travel between studios A LOT
  7. we make something (or many things) new everyday
  8. we stick to our resolutions (99.9% of the time)
  9. we change A LOT
  10. we will run awesome contests!!!! 

If you are still looking for a resolution, may we suggest reading our blog every single day for 365 days. :)

I am an early riser so writing in the morning seems like a good idea. If I make a few typos please go easy on me, let me know and I will correct them asap or better yet, just let them slide. Also, we are learning final cut pro as we vlog. So look forward to us getting better. Maybe.

Day 1 complete! This is sooooooo easy. Our resolution is now 0.0027397260273973% complete! And they say artists can't do math. hahahahahahahaha

Here we go! 




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  • Well done!!

    Lorraine on

  • Excellent! Can’t wait to see more of you!!

    Anne on

  • I just posted a comment with a typo! It should be “Love it!” Not “Love it ?” … my bad!

    Jennifer on

  • Great idea and great job on Day 1! Love it ?

    Jennifer on

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