Day 20: March camps are ready! 😍😄

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Click here to see our March Break camp schedule!

Why I Love March Break Camps


(Apart From The Fact That It Means Saying Goodbye To Winter)


When I was a kid, I loved all types of camps, and I was lucky enough to go every time I could! I’m talking March break, summer break, winter break, MomNeedsABreak break...any and all of the breaks, I was headed to camp. I’ve done overnight camp, swimming camp, theatre camp, sowing camp, girl guide camp, dance camp, soccer camp, computer camp, science get the picture.

The only camp I never went to was, surprisingly, art camp. There were never any art camps to go to where I lived, which is why when I found out 4Cats loved camp as much as I did I was like:

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So now, since I finally got to experience art camp for myself, I shall now explain all the reasons why it is the greatest thing ever:  

New Friends

  • We run camp all day every day for the WHOLE WEEK so we spend a lot of time together and everyone is bound to make some friends! I love when I’m casually eavesdropping on the kids on their last day of camp and they say things like “maybe I can ask my parents if we can have a playdate next weekend!” or “let’s see if we can come back here together in the summer!” I am still friends with people I met at camp when I was a kid so to see this potential lifelong friendship bond start to blossom is so cool!


Art Pros

  • Some people think our camp is just us creating and laughing and getting messy and making friends and having fun and...well actually yeah that’s pretty accurate. BUT we also learn some stuff while we’re at it! I love teaching the kids tips, tricks and techniques about painting, crafting, clay, collaging etc. Especially when you see them use the things you’ve mentioned, or repeat the info back to their parents-so fulfilling!  


Something For Everyone

  • Last year during our spring camp, unicorns were all the craze. Everyone wanted to do a unicorn project, so we decided to make little clay unicorns soaring down a glittery rainbow. For some of us, unicorns were SO last year, and Pokemon was in. No big deal! Some of us did the rainbow projects, while the other group decided they would rather create creatures inspired by Pokemon (called Derpemon) We drew out our ideas, wrote down little stories and made hilarious comic books! Both projects turned out awesome :). We believe that everyone should get to choose their own adventure and make art that makes them happy. And that makes us happy too! 

Of course, there are many other reasons to sign up your child for our March break camp, but those are definitely my top three! Did any of you guys go to camp as a kid? What were your favourite memories? Let us know down in the comments!


We can’t wait to see all of our campers in March! 

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  • I am unable to view the spring camp schedule! Keeps saying to view the schedule click here but doesn’t seem to ope! Have tried several times. Not working??

    Benita on

  • Hi there, I am interested in signing up 4 kids for your spring break camp. There is one child that is almost 4 that I am looking to enroll with his siblings. Is it possible to take him along with the 5, 6, and 7 year old? He’s very mature, super capable, toilet trained (obviously lol) and very calm mannered. Just seeing my options for the camps:)

    Anna on

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