Day 23: Succulent shopping!

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In preparation for the awesome Hanging Planter workshops happening in February, and to fight off those Winter blues, there is nothing better than to add colour in your life, and a touch of green is especially efficient!


Go and make your own planter at one of the studios in February. You can find all the studios and times on the Website, and some studios even offer it as a wine night project! 😄🍷😍


Head to your local florist/gardening centre/awesome local mom & pop's shop and get your new favourite best friend! There are so many different kinds of succulents, it'll be hard to choose just one. You might have to repeat Step One a couple of times to make enough planters for all your plants. 😉

Now, since I travel across the country, and love to visit new and cute little places, I decided to give you a list of the small shops I love, so you can go and check out your closest one!

Let's do an East Coast to West Coast overview for you guys, I'll share with you my favourites in 4 different cities!



Vertuose is a little shop on Saint-Laurent street (commonly called "The Main"). This store has everything you need for your plant design, and a large variety as well! They have a beautiful Instagram that you should check out!




Nested between Leslieville and the Beaches on Queen Street East, in Toronto, is the Succuterra store, you can find a wide variety of succulents, of all colours, shapes and sizes! You can also order online if you're not close to any of those beautiful stores! But let's face it, half the fun is getting to see them all and choose your plant in person.❤️




Making our way further West across the country, in Inglewood, there is this little place called the Plant Shop. Adorable, filled with options, super nice & fun team—definitely a place to go and hang out in!




And finally, in Vancouver, you can check out Figaro's Garden. Since this city has almost year-round gardening opportunity, there are so many cool shops to visit! It's hard to pick one, but this little store in East Van on Victoria Drive has such a large offering, it's easy to put it at the top of my picks!



That's it for my little overview of where you can go succulent shopping across the country! I'm sure some of you have discovered some cool places, let me know what they are so I can check them out when I'll be in that city next!

Happy creating & gardening everyone!

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  • If you are ever in Victoria and in need of a wonderful new plant friend check out Biophilia plant shop on Fort street!

    Mac on

  • If you are ever in London Ontario check out Grow & Bloom. they are a succulent oasis… such a beautiful place:

    Lilka on

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