Day 45: Bathroom reno, reno, reno

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The Lush stuff Andréa ordered arrived. Woohoo! Check out the unboxing from a couple of weeks ago here


Why is this exciting? 

  1. I like the smell of Lush stuff.

  2. After a year of bathroom renovations, I want to decorate our bathroom with some nice stuff. By nice, I mean smells good, looks nice.


Why are you telling us this?

There is an art/4Cats connection, I am getting to it!


The story

I married a wonderful artist 20 years ago. Darryl, my husband, is also an amazing builder. Which I am really happy about. He can basically draw, paint, sculpt, build, figure out anything we need.

We like fixer uppers, our house is a fixer upper, our studios are generally fixer uppers and we do all the work ourselves, Darryl builds, I help and I come up with the decorating plan.

But we are really, really, really, busy (which we love.) We have 3 boys, 9 cats, 3 dogs and a constant stream of wonderful guests, so sometimes renos can take quite a bit of time. 

And every single room in my house is under renovation. Not an exaggeration. 

Darryl sent me the following quote which I have taken to heart to help me deal with the constant renovations:


But for us, building, making, painting walls and decorating are definitely an art form in itself! 

Hence why the lush products tie in with the art & 4Cats! They look beautiful, are super colourful and, obviously, smell delicious. 

I understand art is not just the fine arts. There can be art in living. 

Everything can be art as Andy Warhol would say, "There is magic in everything!"

For me, a nicely organized bathroom is art.

A beautiful kitchen is art. 

A welcoming and great smelling house is art. 

A beautiful dinner with family and friends is art.

And so as one of my favourite quotes says:

"I'm going to make everything around me beautiful, and that will be my life." 

I think, for us, it is a good plan.

Stay tuned! Next, I am going to look at some Salt Spring Soapworks products, which are from where I live, on Salt Spring Island! 

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