Day 49: Studio sighting!

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Who’s yeti for another blog post?

Did you know that until 1847, gorillas were thought to be nothing more than a myth? They were believed to be supernatural creatures, similar to a human but like… super hairy. It was only until a gorilla skull was found that everybody decided to accept it was actually real.

Giant squids, Komodo dragons, and Okapi all share similar stories. (Which makes perfect sense to be honest. If someone came up to me and said “I saw the coolest animal today! It was basically a zebra mixed with a deer, donkey, antelope and a horse all at once!” I’d suggest they go take a nap and get their eyes checked like, immediately.)

Why am I telling you this? Because we have recently discovered a rare mythical creature live in the studio and are ready to share the proof.

See anything?


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit


Look a little closer…


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit


Wait! What’s that? Behind the panel!


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit


There he is trying to blend in! We have a couple more sightings here...


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit


There he is again! Let’s see if we can get a tiny bit closer...


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit


Oh no! He spotted us!


4Cats Oven-Bake Yeti Kit

In conclusion, yetis are real and if you need to see it to believe it, swing by the studio and pick up your very own Ditto Oven-Bake Clay Yeti kit, or order one directly on our website, right here. He's also rumoured to glow in the dark, you definitely need to check this out for yourself!


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  • So funny. Whoever wrote this deserves a promotion. Can’t stop laughing. I’m definitely going to my nearest 4cats to pick this up!

    Ben on

  • I would not have believed it but I read it!

    Babs on

  • It is so cute! xD #need

    YetiLover43 on

  • LOL im crying!

    Emily Kettler on

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