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Clay Fall Exploratory Classes

May 17, 2019

Hello everyone!

The planning of fall is in full swing here at 4Cats. We have made a few little tweaks to the upcoming Fall 10 week session and we are so excited to share them with you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who voiced their feedback and advice through our class feedback form. It is so helpful to hear what parents and students are interested in as we begin to plan our upcoming fall session. We know life is busy and we appreciate that families take the time to let us know how we are doing.

As a response to the feedback we are shaking things up a bit. :) Hey, what can we say! We’re artists, so we love change and we love the challenge!

The fall session Exploratory classes will start off with your art teachers presenting 2 projects for students to choose between, and get started on that very day. Depending on the project, the student will continue to work on this chosen project for the next couple of classes (now 1.5 hrs long) or they can choose to start something new and go back to the first project when they feel inspired.

Art projects will be displayed around the studio for students to get inspired, and new mediums and projects will be presented every week! That way, all students will be able to try out new mediums or go back to old favourites, promoting creativity and an exploratory spirit.

To begin with ...

We hear that students would love the opportunity to take their clay skills to the next level so… we decided to kick it up a notch! This will be one of the first options introduced to students at the very beginning of the 10 weeks, ensuring ample time to really go big with clay.

But, if students want to start with another medium, we got you covered! The project will also be offered as a choice again in the 5th week of class.

So, without further ado! Today we would like to introduce:

Large scale clay carving and sculpting.

All our projects this session put a focus on multiple mediums and skill building for success, both on projects in the studio and at home! For instance, this clay project introduces tons of new techniques and carving tools for even the experienced sculptor, with sgraffito, etching, wire-cutting, relief carving, and more! Working with larger pieces of clay is also a new opportunity we know students will love. Every student will make a piece driven by their personal artistic vision. After all, one of the best ways to make a piece of clay work your own is to literally put your mark on it!

But before students start building with clay, they will take their time learning to draw and design their large scale sculpture, starting with a foundation of drawing skills including types of pencils, shading techniques, and more! Combined, students will develop a plan for creating their sculpture, thinking carefully about their new tools and a timeline for completion. This is where students can shape the project to their own interests: If a student is only interested in drawing and doesn’t want to transform their drawing into a sculpture, they can either choose to continue working on their drawing, or they can choose to create one of the 2 new projects that will be offered that week!

Having projects like this that include two different mediums, such as drawing and clay, really helps students increase focus and motivation by offering the variety that energetic minds need. It also allows students to change their minds, and follow their interests from week to week while setting and achieving their personal goals!

This is the perfect project for students who are excited to make their drawings come to life in the shape of a beautiful and useful large scale sculpture!

And in addition: great news! Every class will now conclude with a gallery show of the incredible art that students created that day. We love having parents come into the studio after the class and our students are so excited to show off their new skills and projects! This time is also a great opportunity for asking questions, of students and teachers alike, and learning together about the wonderful process of art here in our studio.

Ok, well have a great day everyone! :) We are off to paint our fox sculptures now…

See you at the studio this fall!


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*Please note the exploratory classes are not yet available at the following studios:
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