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July 03, 2019

How would you describe the beautiful colours of fall? The soft yellow of a September sun, the brilliant scarlet of maple leaves just before they fall, the hearty orange of jack-o-lanterns twinkling in windowsAny way you put it, fall is overcome with colour, and it is from this stunning ensemble that we draw inspiration for our next Fall Exploratory Project


Autumn Paint Pouring!

Pouring is an art form all about colour. That’s why students will think carefully about colour theory while making paint choices for their pouring creation! Contrasting? Analogous? Triadic? These are just some of the options students can choose between. Then, time for the best part! With a combination of acrylic paint and a liquid vitreous medium, students will mix their colours to pour across a stretched canvas. Dynamic and full of movement, paint pouring is unique from other forms of painting because it is fluid, shifting and changing in beautiful and surprising ways as you work. There’s a reason it’s one of our most popular mediums!

And it’s not only about pouring the paint; students will learn different techniques to mix their colours, both on the canvas and before they pour. As well, students will be delighted to learn about amazing reactions using ingredients like coconut oil to create cells and patterns in their paint. With so many options, and so many wonderful colours from which to draw inspiration, we know students will fall in love with paint pouring, just as much as we have!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get painting!

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And remember! This session of Fall Exploratory Classes is jam-packed with all NEW and exciting projects for students to create. Each 1.5 hour class will start off with your art teachers presenting 2 projects for students to choose between and get started on that very day. Students will work at their own pace, and can focus on the chosen project for several classes in a row, or start something new the following week! This way, students can pursue and explore their own artistic interests.


Plus, we love to have parents come into the studio after class for our Gallery Show of all the art students worked on that day! Students are so excited to show off their projects, and we love the chance to talk to parents and answer questions! It is a wonderful time to share in the joy of art.

Ok, have a great day everyone! We are off to mix our paints!

See you at the studio!


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*Please note the exploratory classes are not yet available at the following studios:
Albert Park, Halifax, Linfield, Montgomery, Meadowvale, Port Credit,South Surrey, Summerside, Saskatoon, Vimont & Whitby.