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May 29, 2019

Whoooooooo loves colour theory? We do!

A little recap about Exploratory Class on our blog so far :)

The fall session Exploratory classes will start off with your art teachers presenting 2 projects for students to choose between, and get started on that very day. Depending on the project, the student will continue to work on this chosen project for the next couple of classes (now 1.5 hrs long) or they can choose to start something new and go back to the first project when they feel inspired.

To begin with, in Class One students will jump into their first project:

We hear that students would love the opportunity to take their clay skills to the next level so… we decided to kick it up a notch!  More info on Large scale clay carving and sculpting blog post here.

OR in Class One:
We heard that parents and students would like to see some new mediums to explore and we love that idea, too! And so we came up with a fantastical idea… The Fine Art of Papier Mâché Owls! Read more in this blog post about this project here!


Next up! Class Two Project Choices!

Students can continue to work on their Large scale clay sculpture or Papier Mâché Owl from class 1 or they can go back to these projects in another class and we will be introducing the next choice:

Colour Master Canvas Painting with Acrylics


Inspiration for this project: Have you heard of Henri Matisse?Watch the video to learn more!  

We are completely in love with Henri Matisse!

Matisse is famous for his paintings, sculptures and creative trailblazing! But most famous for his use of colour in his art. Matisse chose colours in his paintings to reflect the emotions he wanted people to feel when they looked at his paintings. Students will do the same! Colour is used in our lives to beautify our environments. We express ourselves and our personality using colour. This comes through in how we decorate our rooms, the colour of our clothing, even our hair colourall sorts of things!

When asked, most people are quick to tell you their favourite colour. What colour they choose is usually linked to how the colour makes them feel or how the colour is linked to something good they remember or like!

To start the project, students will learn to understand brush sizing and brush typesflat, round, detail, wash, and fan brushes! Next, the focus will turn to choosing a colour scheme for their painting. Students will be introduced to 6 colour schemes and choose 1 for their own painting:

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to all who voiced their feedback and advice through our class feedback form. We hear from parents and students, that students would like to jump right into their big projects and we love that idea, too! Students will not have to complete skill building level projects, instead  they will learn technique lessons as they get started on the project they have chosen!



And remember! Every class will now conclude with a gallery show of the incredible art that students created that day, so parents will be able to watch the creative process unfold!

PLEASE COME INTO THE STUDIO AFTER CLASS! WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY  love having parents come into the studio, our students are so excited to show off their new skills and projects! This time is also a great opportunity for asking questions of students and teachers alike, and learning together about the wonderful process of art here in our studio.

Ok, well have a great day everyone! :) We are off to do some colour mixing!

See you at the studio!


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