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May 31, 2019

Ready for another Exploratory class fall project sneak peek?

Here’s a hint: Scales, fire-breathing, hoards of gold… Can you guess?


That’s rightHere Be Dragons! We introduce students to hand drawing their very own Majestic Colossal Dragon. They will take their time learning to draw while designing their dragons, starting with a foundation of drawing skills including types of pencils, shading and watercolour pencil techniques. Students can then choose to transform their drawing into a large scale sculpture.

Dragons have been flying around mythology for thousands of years, and show up in cultures across the globe! Some dragons have wings, some live in the water, some have legs, while others slither around. Here at 4Cats, you decide.

Did you know that the great artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci had a pet dragon? Well, he sort of did :) His dragon was really just a huge lizard that he put wings on! He was also known to put a leash and golden collar on it and bring it to fancy parties. Leonardo must have been a pretty exciting guest at a party.

And good news! With this sculpture, our students bring home a pet dragon of their very own! And hey, why not bring it to parties and impress all your friends?

This sculpture uses tin foil armature to help give the clay its shape, which lets us build even bigger creatures, an important skill for sculptures of all sorts! And with a focus on incredible detail and bold colour choices, using modelling tools, students will learn all about texture and precision to form layered scales, pointed horns, and sharp claws! Plus, students will give their dragons realistic glass-like eyes, and learn all about attaching special materials to to their dragons to bring their fiery friends to life.

The fall session of Exploratory classes here at 4Cats are full of incredible creations and beautiful colours, and we are so excited to be sharing them with you!

Each class will start off with your art teachers presenting projects for students to choose between and get started on that very day. Depending on the project, the student will continue to work on this chosen project for the next couple of classes (now 1.5 hrs long) or they can choose to start something new and go back to the first project when they feel inspired. With multiple project options and the flexibility to follow their creative impulses, it’s the perfect place to explore and grow as an artist!


And remember! Every class will now conclude with a gallery show of the incredible art that students created that day, so parents will be able to watch the creative process unfold!

PLEASE COME INTO THE STUDIO AFTER CLASS! WE REALLY, REALLY, REALLY love having parents come into the studio, our students are so excited to show off their new skills and projects! This time is also a great opportunity for asking questions of students and teachers alike, and learning together about the wonderful process of art here in our studio.

Ok, well have a great day everyone! :) We are off to make some scales!
See you at the studio!


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*Please note the exploratory classes are not yet available at the following studios:
Albert Park, Halifax, Linfield, Montgomery, Meadowvale, Port Credit,South Surrey, Summerside, Saskatoon, Vimont & Whitby.