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June 21, 2019

Foxes and dragons and owls and… Monsters?!

That’s right, we’re back with a new project for our Fall Exploratory Classes!

Does your child love drawing? Coming up with wacky creatures and funny features? Then they are going to love creating a monster friend of their very own this fall with our brand-new project. Spooky or cute, creepy or crawly, these monsters will be as big as their imagination.

This project puts an emphasis on drawing first, learning all about the techniques of sketching, design, and shading, with a whole range of drawing tools that students will be introduced tofrom blending stumps to kneadable erasers. Beginning with preliminary sketches, students will move through the entire creative process to first invent their monster and then finalize it in a lovely drawing on artist quality paper. And there are so many questions to answer! Will it be a teeny tiny monster, smaller than a mouse? Or will it be bigger than a house? Is this a monster covered in spikes, or fluff? One huge eye, or a million?

After drawing their monster, students have the chance to create a 3D model out of oven bake clay, following their own design and getting the chance to innovate within a new medium. This is great for students with a more sculptural eye, exploring further with modelling tools and colour theory. Plus, students will learn how to build and use armature to create even larger sculptures.

We can’t wait to see what sort of monsters our students come up with!


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And remember! This session of Fall Exploratory Classes is jam-packed with all NEW and exciting projects for students to create. Each 1.5 hour class will start off with your art teachers presenting 2 projects for students to choose between and get started on that very day. Students will work at their own pace, and can focus on the chosen project for several classes in a row, or start something new the following week! This way, students can pursue and explore their own artistic interests.


Plus, we love to have parents come into the studio after class for our Gallery Show of all the art students worked on that day! Students are so excited to show off their projects, and we love the chance to talk to parents and answer questions! It is a wonderful time to share in the joy of art.

Ok, have a great day everyone! We are off to check under our bed for monsters!

See you at the studio!


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*Please note the exploratory classes are not yet available at the following studios:
Albert Park, Halifax, Linfield, Montgomery, Meadowvale, Port Credit,South Surrey, Summerside, Saskatoon, Vimont & Whitby.