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Spring Exploratory Classes | 3 Week | Part Two

  • 3 weeks of fun (1.5 hour class. 4.5 hours total) 
  • 3 extraordinary projects
  • 3 unique mediums
  • Drop off only. Absolutely no exceptions, please.
  • 5% sibling discount if you register 2 students. Discount only applies when you are registering for the same class at the same time.

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Spring Artist



We are kicking it up a notch in the studio! We want to fully immerse our students into the artists life and visualize his journey to becoming an artist! We have added to 10 artist path boards to the walls! These boards are a huge hit with the kids and further enhance thier knowlege about the artists in a fun way!

Another way for our students to learn more about art and the journey of the artist!

In his Spring 6 week session, kids are doing a deep dive into Vincent van Gogh’s life path & art journey.

Check out a few of the artist boards we created below that we display in the studio room to help kids visualize how Van Gogh’s major life events all fit together and how these events helped Van Gogh develop his unique style and came to be one of the greatest artists in the history of the world!


Kids have so much fun exploring the lives of artists who followed their passion & dreams in order to live the life they imagined while creating unique art inspired by the artist’s style & mediums.

Part One Projects

Part Two Projects


Wonder how your child is doing in class? Wonder what they are making? Wonder no more! Within a few days of each class, we will send you a little email report about the class, a summary of what the students learned and how your child did. ♡

Classes FAQs

Before Class
What to wear?
Dress For Mess! Acrylic paint does not come out of clothes. We cannot guarantee that clay or other art materials will come out of clothes. Students should always come to the studio dressed for mess.
Do my kids need to bring anything to class?
For session classes kids will need to bring a water bottle, and be dressed for mess—acrylic paint does NOT come out of clothes. 
Anything else I need to do before class?

Yes, parents/guardians please discuss the following before student(s) arrive to class. To prepare, it is important for kids to know to take their time, go slow and enjoy the process with their creations.

When creating we will emphasize using different techniques and the art of adding small details. We will encourage enjoying the process, creativity, patience, and attention to detail.

Parents, please discuss this expectation with children before the class in order to ensure your child understands that we will be creating with details and practice in mind.

* Our goal is to maintain a respectful, patient, and creative learning environment. Please note disrespectful and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. In the event of misconduct, parents will be called to pick up their child immediately. No refunds or credits for missed time in the event a parent needs to be called if a child is not able continue with the class either partially or permanently due to bullying, or disruptive, violent, inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour.

What if my child will miss a class?
If a student misses a class they may attend a catch-up time so they don’t fall behind on their artwork. Maximum ONE catch-up time per session. Catch-up times are purely to ensure completion of projects. Catch-up times do not include any art history or theory content and are purely to ensure completion of projects on time. Catch-up time includes attending their regular class 15 minutes early. Most classes fill so attending another class is not possible. No credits or refunds for missed classes or catch up times. Catch up times cannot be carried over to the next session once a session ends. Catch-up times are offered as a courtesy only and may not always be possible. There are no catch up classes for camps and pa/pd day workshops.
What if I’m going to be late for class?
Being on time is important as we have LOTS to do each class! Late arrivals are very distracting for the group and delay class, which can lead to unfinished projects and prevent class from finishing on time. If you know you’ll be late please advise the studio ASAP.
Can I bring home materials for someone who misses a class?
No. If a student misses a class they may attend a catch-up time so they don’t fall behind on their artwork. Please see above for more information on catch-up times.
Exploratory Perks Program
What are the perks?
When you register for the 6-week Spring Exploratory class, you are eligible to claim the Exploratory Perks:
  1. 10% off parties!
  2. Priority fall registration with $20 credit!
  3. Bring a Friend classes!
  4. Special Event discounts!
  5. 10% off ditto kits!
  6. 10% off Spring and Summer Camps!
When are the perks valid?

You must complete your registration transaction before you can claim any Exploratory Perks.  Perks are valid right after your initial registration to the end of the 6-week session.

How do I claim the perks?
Make sure you are logged in!  (Click the account login in the top right corner). Use code EXPLORATORYPERK at checkout for the discount on parties, camps, and ditto kits.  All other perk instructions will be provided as needed.