January to March Classes

Only offered at the following studios: South Surrey, Montgomery, Summerside, Albert Park, Saskatoon, Meadowvale, Whitby, Vimont, Halifax & Lindfield.

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Artist of the Month

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In our Artist of the Month Sessions, 4Cats curators will help unleash your child’s natural ability to see like an artist. Kids will learn about the lives and works of famous artists past and present while creating their own amazing artwork inspired by the masters.

Why We Love This

  • We’re excited to spread the word about amazing artists in playful, funny and age-appropriate ways. We encourage a love of history and an understanding of its relevance to the present.
  • We present notable artists in many different styles and media, from the Renaissance up to the present day. From Renoir to Ringgold, from Hokusai to Haring, from Lichtenstein to Lempicka, from Morrisseau to Michelangelo, there’s something here for everyone.
  • We love seeing children grasp abstract ideas and turn them into great art! We explain artistic concepts and movements in ways kids will understand and enjoy—Abstract Expressionism,colourfield painting, ukiyo-e, Pop Art, Impressionism, graffiti, Art Deco, Fauvism and many more.
  • We love to present the fun side of art history. Did you know Andy Warhol had 25 cats, all named Sam? Did you know Georgia O’Keeffe ate dirt? Did you know Beatrix Potter wrote her diary in secret code?
  • We explain in detail the artistic techniques, processes and materials used to create masterpieces. We provide professional-grade art supplies for acrylic painting,watercolours, printmaking, clay sculpture and much more. We encourage respect for the tools of art, including proper use, cleaning and storage.
  • Students hear the story of the featured artist and fun facts about their lives and legacies. They explore the art styles associated with the artist while learning about the style’s origins and impact on art and culture.

The best, most fun, clay class ever. This class provides an amazing opportunity for students to experiment with a variety of clays, while learning sculpting, hand-building and wheel throwing techniques using professional clay tools and glazes. Students will progress at their own pace and enjoy the creative process in order to design and build imaginative creations. 

Drawing Class

There’s more to drawing than putting pencil to paper, much more. The 4Cats’ Classes are designed to introduce new techniques, teach new skills, refine the skills you have and to make drawing the most fun it can be! Each week you learn a new skill/technique.

Kittens for Ages 2 to 4 with parent participation

Our littlest 4Cats Kittens love these classes. Our kittens classes, for ages 2 to 4, provide the opportunity for fun, mess, movement, artistic surprises and beautiful creations!

These Montessori-inspired activities promote self-sufficiency. They include innate safeguards for error, they appeal to the senses, and they train the hand muscles to use writing tools. Most importantly, they’re geared towards a young child’s developmental interests and creativity!

Mixed Media

Our Mixed Media class, is an excellent artistic opportunity for students to experiment with a variety of mediums, learn interesting techniques and create using professional 4Cats art supplies. Students will choose to create their final projects based on her own interests, choices and preferences. The complexity of the class will be age appropriate.

For Parents

We will encourage enjoying the process, creativity, patience, and attention to details. Parents, please discuss this expectation with children before the class in order to ensure your child understands that we will be creating with details and practice in mind.Our goal is to maintain a respectful, patient and creative learning environment. Please note disrespectful and disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. In the event of misconduct, parents will be called to pick up their child immediately.

Class Policies

  • Every session we work on different projects.
  • Classes are drop off only.
  • Please note we cannot hold spaces without payment.
  • No make-up classes, refunds or credits
  • Please note being in the class one month does not hold your space for the next session.

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