Clay & Sculpture Class | 4 Week Session

Clay & Sculpture Class | 4 Week Session


Knead, shape, cut, scrape, trim, bisque, glaze, fire, experience awe, repeat. Caution: May cause happiness, joy, confidence, creativity, ideas and sudden fits of laughter. :)

why we love this

  • We are potters who speak the language of clay!

  • Clay is a magical and all-encompassing medium.

  • Working with clay is a calming experience, which helps children focus when completing tasks.

  • Clay is a fully natural, non-toxic composition of earth. It consists only of minerals and water.

  • Students enjoy the tactile and mental stimulation, creativity and pure joy that clay provides.  

  • Students get to poke, push, build, spread, roll and squeeze all of the goodness that clay provides.  

  • Our classes encourage students to progress at their own pace and enjoy the creative process.

when the program is offered at the studio

  • Monthly classes: Immerse your child in the process of hand-building with clay in 4 x1 hour weekly classes (March 3 classes)

  • Every month we work on different projects

  • Please note we cannot hold spaces without payment. 
  • Please note being in the class one month does not hold your space for the next month. 
  • No make-up classes, refunds or credits


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