Painting Party

Painting Party


Take chances, make mistakes, get painty!

We LOVE painting at the studio!  Celebrate together and paint some masterpieces.

  • Base price includes one hour of art instruction for 10 participants. Choose your location for pricing information:
  • Extra charge for extra participants. Choose your location below for extra guest pricing information.
  • For parties and events over 20 participants please email studio directly.
  • All participants make the same project to ensure optimal instruction (there is always room for creativity!)

All selections are made in the booking page.

We have 2 types of painting parties, choose one of the following:

Everyone paints on their own 9x12 canvas panel (stretched canvas upgrade available):

  • Impressionist flowers
  • Van Gogh inspired
  • Monet inspired
  • O’Keeffe inspired

OR everyone creates a small art piece AND helps create a larger painting together for the guest of honour:

  • Splatter
  • UV Splatter (at participating studios only)
  • Pop Art
  • Pixelcraft

Artwork Pickup: Paintings are ready for pick up 2 days after the party.  Parents will not be called or emailed for painting pick up.


Available at participating studios. Choose your location for pricing information:

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